Product Reviews: I Heart Bourjois

My latest obssession is the oh-so-cute French line Bourjois which is famous for its cute little pot packaging. The line has been around since 1863 (that’s over 100 years, now how impressive is that?!!) and is manufactured by the same company that makes Chanel’s cosmetics.

Below are some of my favorites from the line. If you guys need help getting anything, definitely let me know! Bourjois is a little cheaper here in London and they always do promotions on new and existing products.

Little Round Pot Blush ($13.50)
This is the product that got Bourjois its fame. I have Rose d’or 34, which is a shimmery rose petal pink color that is too too gorgeous to resist. It goes on super pigmented with a sweet rosy smell and when I apply this on my apples, it makes me look like a doll. I’m definitely going to start collecting these.

Yes To Volume mascara ($13.50)
I picked this up during my trip to Barcelona on New Year’s. I have been using it every day for over 2 months now and I’m still loving every single bit of it. This baby does thicken my lashes without any clumps just as it claims! The brush is very tiny and just like Maybelline’s Lash Discovery mascara. It works great for reaching those little lashes on the corner and bottom and I can keep layering it on without getting spidery lashes. Plus even though it is not waterproof, it never flakes until I take it off at the end of the day. Highly recommended!
10 Hour Sleep Effect Anti-fatigue Foundation
This just came out here in London and it claims to be packed with vitamins E, F, B5 and minerals to fake revitalised and energised skin. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well I tested it out and like Chanel’s foundations, this does give my skin a nice dewy glow. It is also very creamy and super easy to blend. I have combination skin but I do not need powder on top of this. The coverage is medium and buildable.
Glitter Eye Pencil ($11)
I have already reviewed this before but I love it so much I had to write about it again. I have Noir éblouissant 31 and it shows up as a really pretty shimmery charcoal with just the right amount of sparkle on me. The pencil is very soft and is so painless to use. It also stays on pretty well and hardly ever smears on me. Definitely a keeper and I hope Bourjois will come out with more shades.

Easy Application Liner
This only comes in black but it has got to be one of the blackest liquid liner I have ever seen. Even though the product comes out a little runny, it dries within seconds. The felt-tip design also makes it super easy to control so as corny as the name sounds, this liner does deliver what it claims. I also tried rubbing the line a little to see if it would come off and after some serious rubbing, the color only faded a little. I am so picking this up after I am done with my MAC Liquidlast liner.


  1. Hey babe! Somehow my comment didn’t appear in the last comment box! Could You do a tutorial on elva xiao makeup pretty please???

  2. hey, i love your site! it’s so helpful and i check it almsot daily, hehhe. uhm, where can you buy that line of makeup from ?

  3. well I do use it on the inner rim. The glitter isn’t too chunky so it won’t hurt your eye but it doesn’t stay on as well as MAC’s Fluidline.

  4. Yes I do buy the products but I figured it’s more professional and easier to use the pics from the official site since I don’t have to photoshop them.

  5. Hey I came to your site through a suggestion from a girl at another beauty forum. I’m really liking what you do and I think it’s going straight into my daily-must-read list. 😛 so keep doing the great job. I’m asian myself so it’s great to have some asian blogs gearing towards makeup! ^-^ btw, that new anti-fatigue foundation sounds great!! hope it’ll be out in the States soon.

  6. Hi Phyllis….I really love ur blog so much…… All those tips are really usefull…. I wish you could update ur blog as frequent as possible, couldnt wait for the next piece of advice…

  7. I am a fan of MAC but start loving Bourgois too ! yes to volume is wonderful and its my fave recently (in terms of quality and price). The eye shadow is fantastic as well. I will try out the new spring collection soon ! There are too many blushes that I can’t decide on which one to start off with.

    Phyllis, would do a review on the blushes?

  8. I’ve always known of this brand but always brushed it off everytime the MA wanted to test products on me. Looks like, I’ll be giving this a second look. (:

    Are the prices you display in USD? or euros? Also, since its french, would this be cheaper in Paris? I’ll be heading there soon.

  9. Hey Cheryl, the prices listed are in US$. I’m not sure how much Bourjois retails for in Paris but I doubt it would be that much cheaper.