Victoria’s Secret 2006 Fashion Show Makeup & Hair

The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show always has one of the best makeup and this year, it is no different. Led by makeup artist Linda Hay, the theme was a sexy babydoll look that is sweet yet naughty. Read on to find out what products were used on the models!

Skin was kept glowy with the use of Very Sexy Mosaic Bronzer ($18) and Very Sexy Mosaic Blush in Wild Child ($18) was used to make the cheeks pop.

The eyes are definitely the key to the look. Very Sexy Mosaic Eye Shadow in Urgency ($18) was applied onto the eyes as wash and Very Sexy Sparkling Eye Liner in Lilac Flash ($10) used to add definition. White eyeliner was used in the inside of the eyes and lots and lots of mascara applied on both upper and lower lashes. Individual lashes were also glued on layer by layer to finish the look.

To fake that perfect pout, Very Sexy Perfect Lipstick in Whisper ($12) was applied and topped with Very Sexy Lip Gloss in Rumor ($12).

Different products were used to give the models their perfect shimmery bronzed look. Bare Bronze Leg-Perfecting Spray Tint ($18) and Bare Bronze Sheer Self-Tan Mousse ($17) were used all over the body to create a temporary bronzing effect. A sparkling pink powder – Sexy Little Things Give Me The Shimmers Body Powder ($28) – was also brushed on to create a toned body and cover all flaws.

To create a sexy bedhead on the models, mousse was first applied on wet hair and set on large rollers and clips. A vertical curling iron was then used and the look was finished with a gloss.


  1. Hi =)
    Ur site is brilliant! Keep it up!!

    I have a question: which eyeshadow do you recommend thats about teh same colour as NARS Single Eyeshadow in India Song? Preferally a drugstore brand as I wanna try out the look before I spend lol. Thank you!


  2. hey it’s me again…i have a question again..u said that after putting on foundation its best when u spritz water on ur face,,after spritzing should i blot it with tissue paper afterwards or just leave it as it is.. wet..?

  3. Hi! I love your site!!

    Just one question though, what is a vertical curling iron? And also, what is the best way to get natural looking waves? I have a few different curling iron sizes, but I’m not sure if there’s a certain way to wrap my hair around the iron, or how to get it to look good. Thanks a million!!

  4. When you use water to set the makeup, you don’t literally spray your face until it is wet and dripping with water. Just spray until your face is damp to take away the cakiness. If you overspray, blot gently with a Kleenex to avoid rubbing off your makeup.

  5. Basically, they just used the products I listed in the entry on all the VS models. The model on the right looks different because of her skintone.

  6. Jina, are you located in the US? I live in London now and I only have access to European drugstore lines. I can still try to find a drugstore equivalent here if you want so just let me know.

  7. You are absolutely talented. i’m so jealous, it seems that you have so much passion in these things. I’m the same, I love showbiz stuffs. i love fashion/ make up/ hair. I go to to check out the lastest trend and visit the beauty forum once in a while, style. That’s where I found you..I’m glad I Did. :)

    your blogs here are absolutely helpful. I’m currently learning how apply make up and your blogs surely helped a whole lot. Thank you so much.

    I’m trying to learn more so that could do fashion shows cuz i’m a coordinator for my designer friend, who is also from London, England. Her name is Lizzi Tran.

    I wonder if you know her..

    well i guess i’ll talk to you soon then.