Mini Bourjois

Good news to all you Bourjois fans out there! Mini Bourjois, a pocket make-up range by Bourjois, has been launched. Currently, the entire line is available only in certain countries like Spain, France and Japan. Hopefully, it will come to London soon.

These mini eyeshadows come in 28 shades and are the same size as the regular pot eyeshadows. The only difference is that they come in little pans and you can put them in palettes that come with either 2 or 3 slots just like the MAC 4-pans. Also, the applicator that comes with the pot eyeshadows is not included.

This is a mini version of Bourjois’ best-selling lip gloss, Effet 3D. It comes with a charm that attaches to any cell phone giving it a chic look and giving you more room in your purse. This is also available at Sephora in the US for $9.

These mini nail polishes come in 30 yummy shades under 5 different collections -Breakfast a Londres, Emplettes a New York, Cocktails a Barcelone, Diner a Paris and Club a Miami.

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  1. Hi! First of all I would like to say that I love your blog! It’s so helpful and fun to read.

    Also, I wanted to know how you can tell when makeup gets old? I have some old eyeshadows and blushes, and they still seem to work fine, but I’m worried that it’s not good for my skin.

  2. Hey Philis,
    I’ve been reading your blog since it started and I think it’s fantastic.
    What weirds me out right now is that you’re in London UK and I’m in town as well. The coincidence wouldn’t seem so weird other than the fact that I live in Chicago to go to college and you only just relocated from Shaumberg, IL and went to school at UIC.

    Glad to know you’re in town!
    What are you doing in London?
    I’m studying abroad.
    Thanks for your amazing input on the makeup. I’ve learned tons since reading your entries.

  3. Makeup can indeed get stale after a while. I will write an entry on the shelf-life of different products later this week.