Makeup Makeovers : Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations by Robert Jones

Just saw Makeup Makeovers : Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations by Robert Jone (~$14) at Borders last night and it is definitely one of the best books on makeup out there – trust me I have read a ton (Kevin Aucoin, Bobbi Brown, NARS, Sonia Kashuk, Iman etc.)

Not only does it have a glossary of cosmetic terms, clear step-by-step instructions but also a detailed section on different makeup products. It also shows people of different ages, races and skin tones plus unlike some of the books, this one does not try to sell you certain products. The before-and-after pictures are also very inspiring and some of them are just stunning (I was drooling over them at the bookstore). So run to your nearest bookstore to grab a copy for yourself!

*Robert Jones is an international makeup artist who has worked on Sherly Crow, Leanne Rimes and Dixie Chicks. His other works include Simple Beaute and Beaute’ Made Simple.

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  1. yup I *love* the guy too but his is a little more complicated for beginners… did u try his makeup line and brushes?

  2. I tried some of his make up, I thought it was nice stuff. yeah, I agree it is a little complicated for beginners, this other one is less complex and a great building ground for those just starting out, when they are done with this one, they can move onto Kevyn 😛 lol