How To Pick The Right Eyeshadow Color

February 12, 2006

Today I will focus on how to pick the right color for your eyeshadow. While a lot of people tend to match their eyeshadow to the clothes they are wearing, this can make you look dated and might not work for everyone. To determine the right color, you will need to look at your natural eye color and your natural skin tone.

1. Natural Eye Color
Choose a color that complements your eye color but not one that matches your eye color completely. Sometimes a color that contrasts with it can make your eyes pop. If your eyes are:

Brown – try plum, taupe, bronze, green, blue, grey, neutrals and pretty much anything.

Green – try purple, gold, brown, neutrals and apricot.

Blue – try taupe, bronze, purple, grey, pink and neutrals.

Gray – purple, silver and peach all look hot on gray eyes.

2. Natural Skin Tone
If you have:

Pale skin – any cool colors would work. Pinks, blues and lavender are all good choices.

Olive skin – try dark greens, purples, blues and bronzes.

Dark skin – any vibrant colors like turquoise and gold, avoid anything too light like white or pale pink, which can look ashy.

Sallow skin – stay away from yellows or golds. Go with greens, purples and blues.

Rule of Thumb
* Dark colors tend to make the eyes appear to diminish in size while light colors bring them out. Experiment with different colors to see what looks best on you.

* When you have bloodshot eyes, avoid warm colors such as taupes, browns and purples. Instead, use cool colors like blue and silver to perk up your eyes. Lining your bottom inner rim with a white or beige pencil will also help to “get the red out”.

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