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NARS Kabuki Brush Set for Holiday 2014 Review and Photos

November 17, 2014

NARS Kabuki Brush Set for Holiday 2014 brings us 3 of the iconic NARS Kabuki Artisan Brushes to sculpt, contour, define and defy color conventions.


NARS Kabuki Brush Set for Holiday 2014

The NARS Kabuki Brush Set comes in a rectangular transparent acrylic box with a lacy pattern digitally-rendered by architectural designer Chris Kabatsi, just like the NARS Holiday 2014 Laced With Edge Collection. The Kabuki Artisan Brush line was inspired by traditional Japanese beauty rituals Kabuki Theater and each of the brushes came with a hand-spun black wisteria handle.

Mie Kabuki Brush is made out of goat hair bristles for “soft, all-over face application of loose and pressed powders”. It has a double-dome design with a total length of 7 inches – brush head of 2 inches in length and a little short of 2 inches in width. Although I loved the shape and how weightless it felt on my hand, the bristles were a bit scratchy. I much prefer MAC 136 Face Powder Brush over this. The Mie Kabuki Brush is sold as part of the permanent line for $55.

Mizubake Kabuki Brush is meant for controlled application of blush and bronzer for precise definition. It is the shortest in length out of the 3, measuring a total length of 4 1/2 inches. Unlike the other 2 brushes, it has a flat top that tapers towards the base. The brush head is roughly 1 1/4 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches in width. Like the Mie, the bristles are made out of goat hair but felt much, much softer. I love using this to buff bronzer and blush from the cheekbones to the temples. The Mizubake Kabuki Brush is also available as the permanent line for $55.

Kabuki Eye Brush is a limited-edition brush for blending and diffusing eyeshadows for a soft-focus, seamless effect. It has a dome shape and resembles a smaller version of Mie Kabuki Brush, with a total length of 6 3/4 inches. The bristles did not feel as scratchy as the Mie but were not as soft as the Mizubake either. The brush head measures 7/8 inches in length and 3/4 inches in width and is longer and wider than my go-to MAC 217 and 222 Blending Brushes. While it worked nicely in fluffing out harsh edges and depositing color, it might be a tad too big for those with minimal eyelid space and more delicate features.

NARS Mizabake, Eye and Mie Kabuki Brushes
NARS Kabuki Brush Set for Holiday 2014

NARS Mie Kabuki Brush review

NARS Mie Kabuki Brush


NARS Mie Kabuki Brush

NARS Mizubake Kabuki Brush review

NARS Mizubake Kabuki Brush


NARS Mizubake Kabuki Brush

NARS Kabuki Eye Brush review

NARS Kabuki Eye Brush Set

Stay tuned for a giveaway of the Mie and Mizubake Kabuki Brushes!

NARS Kabuki Brush Set for Holiday 2014 is available at and starting November 1st for $149.

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