Poll: Will You Do Your Own Makeup For Your Wedding Day?

Just read on FashionEtc that Kate Middleton will be doing her own makeup for the royal wedding this Friday.

The future princess was reportedly so unhappy with the makeup that was applied on her during her engagement photo shoot that she washed everything off and reapplied it herself. Since then, Kate had taken private lessons with makeup artist Arabella Preston to prep herself for the big day.

I think it’s very brave that Kate is doing this, considering she will be under the scrutiny of HD cameras and billions and billions of people that day. But as an avid makeup user, I do think you know what works best on yourself so I can see why Kate would would go the DIY route. Can’t wait to see how her makeup would turn out!

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  1. I think that’s awful, since she is known for putting way too much eyeliner on…it’s such a harsh look. I think for a wedding one should look refreshing and sweet, not like a college girl.

  2. I did my own makeup at my wedding a few years ago. But i think kate looked great, i don’t think she needs a whole lot of makeup to start with.

  3. So was she wearing the Mac MLLE lipstick it looks like it to me but wanted to see what you all thought? I am training to be a makeup artist and AM SURE all the brides coming up will want the look!