Shu Uemura Launches Dazzle Me Blinged Up Eyelash Curler!

Omg Shu Uemura has given their famous eyelash curler a bling bling makeover!

The new Dazzle Me collection is available only in Malaysia and features 12 limited edition designs by black book artist Taisu. Each design is decorated with colored Swarovski crystals to represent the birthstone for each month. The colors are:

January – Garnet Glamour
February – Amethyst Seduction
March – Aquamarine Temptation
April – Diamond Dazzle
May – Emerald Beauty
June – Pearl Passion
July – Ruby Love
August – Peridot Lure
September – Sapphire Shine
October – Opal Delight
November – Citrine Charm
December – Topaz Twinkle

Can someone please get me one of these?


  1. US$29!!! sorry baby, but the bling bling will eventually fell off. maybe you can buy your own bling bling and glue it onto your original curler? i know it sounds so ghetto…lol

    • So Shu Uemuera is still sold in Sephora in Vancouver? I thought the whole line was pulled out from North America?

  2. Awww only in Malaysia? Although… this gives me a great idea to glue some amethyst rhinestones to my own lash curler.