FOTD: Good-Girl-Gone-Bad Creative Makeup Photoshoot

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Published on October 08, 2010 with 19 Comments

Here are the pictures of the creative photoshoot I did with makeup artist Anita and photographer Jerry during my short trip to Hong Kong.

Fantasy makeup before after

We decided to play on a good-girl-gone-bad motif so we started with an innocent look with lots of pinks on the cheeks and lips, soft smoky eyes and big, big hair.

Innocent angel makeup

Next, Anita added darker colors on one side of my face and a black veil to portray the gradual change.

Finally, the full-blown evil look with heavily contoured cheeks, dark eyes, dramatic lips and pinned-up hair. This is definitely my favorite look out of the three!

Evil Queen Makeup

Thanks Anita and Jerry for making the shoot so fun! Can’t wait to do it again =)


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  1. Phyllis, you look HOT! i love the first pic..

  2. I really love these photos, you have always inspired me wuth more ideas of make up looks on my videos too!! and the blending of lipsticks on the last photo really took my breathe away!

  3. these are amazing gothic-esque looks! i love it, so high fashion

  4. A quick glance at your 3rd photo reminded me of Anita Mui (God bless). The innocent look really works great on you ! :D

  5. phyllis these are amazing!!! so gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the good girl makeup. the bad girl makeup makes you look older. Could just be the pictures..

  7. Haha thanks everyone! It was my first time doing a shoot like this and Anita and Jerry really did a good job =)

  8. You are so photogenic! I especially love the last pic– very Venomous Villains, haha.

  9. i love all of the looks on you.You’re gorgeous. Hope you do more photo shoot like this in the future.

  10. oohh do u have the contact info of that make up agency?
    might try when i go back to hk during hols

    • I didn’t go to a makeup agency. A friend of mine (who’s a freelance makeup artist) did the makeup and her friend (who’s a freelance photographer) took the pics.

  11. wow the look’s amazing!!

  12. o i love it! i’m not sure why, but it reminds me of GHD ads!

    • Haha thanks I’ll take that as a compliment =)

  13. You are gorgeous!
    Loved the different make up looks in this photo shoot. Beautiful.

  14. Dang, you are gorgeous and I love this hair! I like your lips too. They look kind of beat up.. in a good unique-ish way.

  15. wow nice make up in the 1st picture. what lipstick are you wearing on that?? I love the kind of pink you wore. pls answer. thanks!

    • Sorry but I don’t remember what Anita used on me =(

      • awww..=`(.. thanks!!

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