Megan Fox Covers Allure June 2010 In Natural Makeup Look

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Published on May 19, 2010 with 9 Comments

With a a fresh face (you can even see her freckles!) and loose braid, Megan Fox finally made it on the cover of the June 2010 issue of Allure. Learn how makeup artist Virginia Young created Megan’s look and see more pictures after the jump!

To go along with the barely-there makeup look creative director Paul Cavaco wanted for Megan, Young rimmed Megan’s upper lash lines with charcoal pencil, smudged it into her lashes, and topped it with shimmery ivory shadow. She then dabbed a rosy cream blush on the apples of Megan’s cheeks and applied a rose lipstick to the center of her lips and blended the color outward.

Megan fox allure 2010 makeup

As much as I love how Megan can rock a red lipstick, I think she is a natural beauty and looks great with this toned down makeup. Do you prefer Megan all made-up or au naturale?

Megan fox allure 2010 pictures
Megan fox allure 2010 shoot


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  1. Definitely au naturale. She can pull off both kinds of looks but she looks extra gorgeous when she goes for the natural look.

  2. I actually prefer this natural look, more down-to-earth.

  3. I remember watching Jennifer’s body and thinking…wth? she looks better when they try to make her ‘ugly’! lol aka no makeup. Def. a natural beauty!! On a different note I also think she looks 10x’s better with her lighter skin tone

  4. I like her both, but I have to say she isn’t that “natural” anymore after her nose job and lip injections. :(
    She’s gorgeous anyway though..

  5. She can definitely pull off both looks and I never realized she had so many freckles!

  6. I find it ironic that there is a make-up “look” for looking natural. I mean I understand the purpose of it, but I just find it ironic.

  7. I think she IS a natural beauty. She can pull off any look

  8. she is gorgeous either way!

  9. she is soo beautiful she looks nice in ANYTHING

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