FOTD: Two-Tone Lip Makeup Look

The two-tone lip first made its debut on the runway at the Emanuel Ungaro A/W 2009 RTW show where beauty guru Tom Pecheux used an orange lipstick (MAC Morange) on the upper lip and a dark fuchsia (MAC Violette) on the lower. This year, a similar look was created by MAC for the Nanette Lepore A/W 2009 show. Lip Pencil in Magenta and a new lipstick launching this fall topped the upper lip while the lower lip was painted with Lip Pencil in Burgundy, Lipstick in Odyssey and Pro Lipstick in Charred Red – again by MAC.

I personally think the look is cute but it’s definitely not for everyday. Depending on the colors you use, it can also be a great look for spring. Read on to see my take on it!

Emanuel Ungaro Fall 2009 and Nanette Lepore Fall 2010

Here is me wearing MAC Morange Lipstick on my upper lip with MAC Show Orchid Lipstick on the bottom.

Two Tone Lip Makeup

And a twist on the look with MAC Lavender Whip (a light lavender) on top and MAC Impassioned Lipstick (a fuchsia) on the bottom.

Two Tone Lip

Do you guys like the look? Will you be rocking it this spring/fall?


  1. Just for fun, I want to try this look in front of a mirror and see how it turns out. I`m not really confident that it`ll turn out great as yours or the models posted on top…But it`s still worth a shot.

    Phyllis, what kind of eye makeup would you recommend this with?

  2. Mimi,

    I’d definitely pair the look with minimal eye makeup. I’m wearing a sheer wash of eyeshadow in the picture but just a bit of eyeliner and mascara should do.

  3. I never would thought of this wearing two tone shades of lipstick. I find myself a bit old fashion and like to stick with one shade of lipstick. I like the second shade – the twist on the look with MAC Lavender Whip (a light lavender) on top and MAC Impassioned Lipstick (a fuchsia) on the bottom – I think that’s do-able for spring look and you look good in it.

  4. I think the two-tone lip-look is really interesting. Definitely great for editorial/high-fashion photos, but I don’t think I’d really wear it out.

  5. I feel like this look looks best when the colors complement each other and are matte. Thanks for a great idea for spring, Phyllis!

  6. I have always thought about wearing two tones on the lips, except that my idea is less dramatic : lighter on the upper and deeper on the lower, as light tends to strike on the lower lip than the upper, right?

  7. I think it looks great on the models and I can really see it being done in editorials. It’s unique and there are so many color combinations possible. I don’t think I would be able to wear this out, but that won’t stop me from trying at home.

  8. So pretty! This is really a great idea. And may I ask what kind of contacts you are wearing in this? They’re gorgeous. :)

  9. pretty different and interesting…i would try this look sometimes but prolly not everyday outside look…btw i like the second picture combination to ur lips is awesome :)

  10. I’m with you i really dont like it but i dont care if t becomes the next “thing” i dont think id do it then but i mean whatever it doesnt matter really