MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection Reviews and Swatches

As you can see from the swatches, the Eyeshadows ($14.50) in this collection are your typical everyday neutrals. They are all matte, except Banshee, which is a Lustre eyeshadow from the Rebel Rock collection. The texture and pigmentation are not the best to work with (so typical of MAC’s Matte and Lustre formulas!) so I don’t really recommend them.

Just like the eyeshadows, the Lipstick ($14) also come in neutral colors. My MAC store didn’t have Myself just yet so I only got to swatch three of them. While the colors are not that exciting, they are all very creamy and go on smoothly without drying out my skin.

The Pigment ($19.50) are both new colors in the new packaging. Universal Mix is an uber sparkly white gold and while it looks very similar to MAC Vanilla pigment in the jar, it is very different. The color is very sheer and unless you apply it wet, you will just get sparkles sitting on your skin. Rich Life Dark is a more pigmented cool brown color with silver sparkles. Both pigments have a fine, creamy texture and blend very nicely.

The Penultimate Brow Marker ($16.50) is the eyebrow version of the Penultimate Eye Liner that I loved! It comes in a medium brown color, which is a great match for my Asian eyebrows. Just like the Penultimate Eye Liner, this goes on semi-wet but dries within seconds. While the tip is firm and great for precision, I don’t think a liquid marker for the eyebrows is a good idea. Not only do you have to apply with feathery strokes (which can be a challenge for beginners), you have to blend right away since this thing dries so fast. And if you fail, you will end up with penciled-in eyebrows which is so not cool!

More pictures and product information on the entire collection here.