Yay or Nay: Taylor Swift With Straight Hair And Bangs

Taylor Swift ditched her signature curls for a new sleek ‘do at NYC yesterday. Personally I love it but she looks so different to me I can barely recognize her! What do you ladies think?

Before and After


  1. she doesn’t look bad..
    she just looks different.
    i couldn’t tell that was her either
    you have to look reallly close.

  2. She looks the best with her signature ringlets but I do like the straight hair. She looks very different and I didn’t recognize her at all. But I think her bangs are almost too long for the straight style though because it is poking into her eyes too much.

  3. I actually like her after picture better. She looks so strange to me in the before picture… I don’t know, I guess it’s the way they try to make her eyes look really small, but in the after picture, her eyes are actually visible and her face looks much better.

  4. Wow! what a difference! I could hardly recognize her too. I prefer her with this hair :) at least she doesn’t look like she’s going to the prom all the time

  5. She transforms when her hair is straightened out like that. She looks more mature with the straight hair. I like both styles on her!

  6. a great way to change her looks, at least for a day! i wouldn’t want her to keep the style though. it’s like, she’s not taylor swift without the curls! :)

  7. LOVE the straight hair and bangs. But more than that, it’s her eye makeup that makes the biggest impression. So much better in the after picture!

  8. extreme makeover much? just kidding. i love both looks on her. the curls make her look young and classy, while the straight hair adds maturity and edge. both are good. :)

  9. I would perfer the curls but she does look good with the straight hair and bangs!!!!! :) i love you Taylor Swift!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!! you are awesome!!!! :) <3