Poll: How Much Do You Spend On Makeup/Skincare Each Year?

We all know beauty comes with a price and 26 year-old British singer Cheryl Cole is reported to spend a whopping £200,000 (~$330,000) a year just on hair extensions, lash extensions, fake tans, nails and makeup etc.

Now you ladies know I heart anything beauty-related and I will splurge on products to make myself look and feel great. The most expensive product I have ever treated myself to is a $200 Sisley eye cream and my annual spending is somewhere between $5000 to $10000. But even that, according to my friends, is a tad excessive. So what about you ladies? How much do you spend in a year and when is it too much?

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  1. Oh wow, I also think it is a lot of money. I am a college student though that’s probably why. I think that once I get a real paycheck, I might splurge a little more =)

  2. lol i just pulled together my makeup receipts and did a statistical study.. its wayyyyy over 1,000!!!! lol
    i was actually afraid to find out how much i spent lol