Jill Stuart Seductive Eyes and Illuminance Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes Photos

My roommate just got me these from Asia! Aren’t they pretty?

Seductive Eyes in Mysterious Queen

Illuminance Eyes in Layered Gem

Swatches to come soon!


  1. this brand is very popular in Japan and Taiwan
    it was highly recommended in some magazines too
    cant wait to see swatches

  2. I have never seen this in Canada, at least I don’t think I have. Is it available in North America? I love the packaging it is very elegant.

  3. JS makeup and skincare products are definitely sold in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. It was reported earlier this year that the flagship store in NYC’s Soho district will start carrying the line. Can someone in NYC please verify?

    i bought like so much in taiwan… it costed me an arm and a leg but its so worth it.
    and i always love the packaging.
    the counters for JS are so pretty in taiwan.

  5. i also have the mysterious queen palette! my mom just brought it back from TW for me! =) i haven’t used it yet though but its SO PRETTY!! i cant stop admiring it! please do a look with these palettes! =D