Yay or Nay: Leighton Meester 80s Inspired Purple Eyeshadow and Red Lips

Spotted! Leighton Meester with some Giorgio Armani A/W 2009 inspired purple eyeshadow and vampy red lips at the American Eagles Outfitters grand opening celebration. Do we like the more madeup Miss Waldorf or prefer her au naturel? Spill your thoughts!


  1. Picture A with her flushed cheeks and neutral lips because she looks fresh and youthful. The loud eyes and loud lips don’t compliment each other.

  2. i love leighton’s makeup-dramatic or natural…however this look doesn’t do it for me…there is just too much e/s under her eyes. but i still like the fact she’s not afraid to try bold looks!

  3. I don’t think it’s the problem of 80s makeup… it’s more of a problem of execution! There’s way too much going on on her very fair skin and the eyes are messily done…

  4. I like how shes more adventurous with her makeup in pic 2 because she always looks the same but lose the red lips and its *almost wearable.

  5. I think she looks great in both looks! but she looks best the way she does in gossip girl… which is somewhere in the middle of these two…

  6. so much better with the natural look O_O
    i’m not sure if the purple eyeshadow & red lip stick go that well together….

  7. she is someone so beautiful naturally that i think all that makeup actually takes away from her. i think perhaps she is the type that can’t handle too much makeup before it looks very bad. also, she is a lot more youthful without the dark colors.

  8. wow i love the red lips and the hair, but they would have gone better with natural eyes! It is all too much for just one face.

  9. I love her natural look..
    Her other look is a bit too intense with the two colours.
    But she did look nice in her vid, Somebody To Love.

  10. the red lips look better on her than the natural glossed ones..
    but the purple eyeshadow makes her look like a kid’s been messing around with someone’s make-up box…

    i’d still say the red lips one!