Yay or Nay: Heavy Eyeliner

Earlier this week, two of our favorite ladies, Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry, were spotted with some major eyeliner. Personally, I don’t like the look on either of them. The black is too harsh against Kristen’s pale complexion (she should have added a bit more color on her cheeks and lips) and Katy’s look is downright drag-queenish.

So ladies, when is too much too much? Where do you draw the line, literally?


    • Omg she totally does!!! I’m glad someone knows who she is; no one in America ever knows a thing about kpop idols/actresses!!

  1. I love heavy eyeliner only on women with dark brown eyes and olive to darker skin. Gwen Stefani is one of my few exceptions. Her eyes are so brown until they appear black, so it doesn’t look crazy. There is too much contrast between the black and their eye colors, making it look harsh.

  2. Actually I am ok with Kristen’s line (I am not that OK with her hair though) but think Katy Perry’s line are too thick I guess it depends on where you draw the line. Sometimes it amuses me when a girl with smallish Asian eyes draw an inch thick line to make their eyes bigger I seriously had to hold my laughter when I see that in person.

  3. I think it looks terrible. The lines are so thick that their eyelids seem receded (you can’t see the crease) and so it looks flat and lacking in dimension. Kristen’s haircut also doesn’t do anything for her face…and Katy’s foundation seems really thick and caked on, adding to the drag queen look.

  4. I never do heavy eyeliner.. It makes my eyes appear even smaller than they already are.. Katy and Kristen have beautiful eyes, but now they look too small. Like they’re not awake yet =P

  5. I actually like Katy Perry’s thick liner but not Kristen Stewart’s because it doesn’t suit her face the way it is drawn. Sometimes, I would do a heavy liner depending what I am doing. Usually I do a heavy liner for smokey eyes or colourful eyes. My eyes are a bit uneven, especially with the crease and I find that I have to draw one a bit heavier than the other anyway to balance out the look. I also tend to go heavier on my liner when I put on false eyelashes because the lashes sometimes hide the line.

  6. I really don’t like heavy eyeliner on both. But I love to do myself heavy eyeliner !!
    Gwen Stefani and Madonna (who always wear a thick liner!) rock with heavy eyeliner.

  7. I actually am a fan of heavy eyeliner as long as it’s done ‘right’. Kristen’s isn’t so bad but Katy’s is barf.