Urban Outfitters Nail Polish Reviews and Swatches

Just picked up two new nail polishes from Urban Outfitters for $8 over the weekend. Aren’t they cuute?

Green 05 and Blue 03

I have always been skeptical about those no-name nail polish brands but these totally blew me away! They go on semi-sheer but 2 coats will give you an opaque color. What I love most is how fast they dry. The color sets in less than an a minute and once it is dry, it looks really creamy and even, just like my CND Colour Nail Polishes. There are also over 20 gorgeous colors to choose from. I am sooooo going back for more!

Below is me wearing Blue 03:

Overall Rating:


  1. ooh urban outfitters! those colors look nice! :) I was planning on going shopping there tomorrow to buy some leggings haha. I’ll definitely check out their nail polish too. Thanks for the review :)

  2. These nailpolishes suck me in everytime I go to Urban Outfitters because they scatter it around the cashier. Sometimes they go on sale for 2 for 1. I have one in yellow and one in green. I fine they are a bit sheer and too jelly like for me though.