Kenzoki Marshmallow Mask Review

Kenzoki’s skinare products have never failed me and their latest Marshmallow Mask is no different.

Containing Cocoa Butter, Cameline Oil and Cotton Butter, the Marshmallow Mask claims to hydrate, soothe and repair normal to dry skin.

When I first saw the name “marshmallow”, I immediately associated it to a yummy baby pink cream with a light, fluffy texure. The mask turned out to be white and slightly thicker with a similar texture to Cold Cream.

The rice steam scent smells really sweet and surprisingly, nothing like rice. My skin tingles a little when I put this on but after I wash it off in 10 minutes, it becomes super soft and any dry/tight feeling that I had prior to using the mask is gone. This is definitely a great fix for those dry-skin days in the winter!

The Marshmallow Mask is now available at for $45.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I got a sample of this when I ordered something from the Kenzo Friends and Family sale. Haven’t tried it yet though!