Drugstore Haul: Pixi Softly Smoky Eyes and Sensual Smoky Eyes Palettes

Spotted at Target – Two super cute Holiday eyeshadow palettes by UK brand Pixi, selling for $9.99 each! How can I pass on them?

Closeup pictures of the eyeshadows after the jump!

The Softly Smoky Eyes Palette is a gorgeous set of warm-toned beiges and browns. All the colors are highly wearable and pretty much fool-proof for work and school.

The Sensual Smoky Eyes Palette has a slightly larger range of colors. From its lightest pinks and beiges, medium browns and grays to the darkest blue and plums, it has all that you need to create the sexiest smoky eye for this season!

Below is me wearing the Softy Smoky Eyes Palette:

More on the look here!


  1. That’s a pretty good deal…I wanted to pick up one of their palette called mermaid but read some reviews on makeup alley…Anyway, I didn’t pick up any of their eyeshadow even they were pretty cheap just to avoid eyesore. Anyway, I like their lip booster lip glaze though, they are even better than stila (with double the size) .

  2. i didn’t know they were only 9.99! i was always put off by their make-up because they were charging sephora-like prices in a place like target. but now i think i might have to check it out.

  3. I wore some of the colors from the Softly Smoky Eyes Palette today for work and so far I can’t say anything bad about the eyeshadows. They went on very smoothly and decently pigmented and with a primer underneath, the color lasted all day without fading. I will write a more detailed review after I have tried out more colors.

  4. Are these on sale? I’ve gone through the Target beauty aisles many times and their palettes are usually 20+. I agree with Jamie. All their items seem like the same price as the cosmetics at Sephora.

  5. wow these look great! i especially love the softly smoky eyes palette. and i’m pretty surprised at the price because their makeup is usually as expensive as sephora items like the other ladies above me mentioned. $10 for a palette is a deal! i’ve been trying to find neutral colors for work so i’m gonna check this out to see it in person.