Incoco Self-stick 100% Nail Polish Strips Review and Giveaway

A week ago, I showed you my NOTD wearing Incoco Self-stick 100% Nail Polish Strips in Pink Satin. Here is a full review of the product plus a chance for you to win one to try for yourself!

Great Color Selection. The Incoco Nail Polish Strips come in a huge array of styles including 30 solid colors, 4 glitter shades and even french manicures so you are bound to find something you like.

Good Amount Of Strips. Each pack comes with 16 stickers in 8 different sizes (2 in each size). Not only do the extra stickers make it easy for everyone to find a match, it also allow room for mistakes. My only complaint is the strips tend to run a little too big for my tiny nails – the second largest size was big enough to fit my big toe! If they could split the sizes up into two different packs of 16, one for bigger nails and one for smaller nails, it would be perfect!

Very Easy To Apply And Remove. Although the instructions seem pretty vague, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to apply these. All you have to do is pick out a sticker that fits your nail, peel off the plastic and white part, press onto nails and file off the excess. To remove them, you can just use your regular nail polish remover and they will come off very easily.

Super Natural-Looking Results. These look so much like real nail polish no one can tell they are stickers! The finish is also very smooth and glossy and you will never have to worry about uneven application or cleaning up cuticles.

Time-Efficient. It only took me 5 minutes to get both hands done and since they are not liquid, you don’t even have to sit around waiting for them to dry up. Perfect for those who have zero patience like me!

Great For Traveling. With these strips, all you need is a nail file and nail polish remover. You can finally say goodbye to the gazillion chunky bottles of polishes, base coats and top coats.

Amazing Longevity. I have been wearing Pink Satin for over a week now and there has not been one single chip! Enough said!

Reasonable Price. Each pack only costs roughly $5, which is a LOT cheaper than getting your nails done at the salon. But unlike regular nail polish, these are not reusable and you will not be able to fill in any gaps when your nails are growing out. If you plan on wearing them regularly, be prepared to spend at least $15-20 a month.

As you can see, I am absolutely in love with this product! And since it is so great, I am giving away a brand new pack in Passion, a hot red, to one lucky reader. To win, leave a comment with your name and a valid email address on November 4th. The giveaway is open to everyone but only entries entered on the 4th will be considered. Good luck!

Overall Rating:

Incoco Self-stick 100% Nail Polish Strips are available at Walgreens and for $5.

* Update: The giveaway has ended and the winner is Angelina.

Disclosure: The products in this entry were provided by the manufacturer for consideration. Please see my Disclaimer for more information on my posting policy.


  1. Hi Phyllis! Please include me! They look beautiful and convenient. Far better looking than I can manage with plain nail polish.

  2. i wish to enter the contest too! these seem way more convenient :) & i’m so noob at painting nails…i always end up smudging it while it’s drying :(