Hard Candy at Wal-mart Haul

Spotted! Hard Candy at Wal-mart with product prices at an average of $7! The new line contains 261 items which includes a tinted moisturizer, baked eyeshadow duos, glitter eyeliners, lipsticks, different kinds of glosses, mascaras, even peel-off eyeshadows just like the ColorOn Professional EyeEnvy Rhapsody ones you see at Sephora and more!

I used to be a HC fan back when I was in junior high (<3ed their nail polishes) so how could I resist?

Candy Cream Eyeshadow in Queenie with matching Glitter Eyeliner

Painted Lady Lip Color in Kitten 197

Ginormous Lash Volumizing Mascara in Carbon Black

Walk The Liner Liquid Eyeliner in Licorice

Check out the reviews and swatches!


  1. I saw these at Walmart the other day. I was so tempted to get some of the eyeshadow and liquid liners. Love the cute packaging.

  2. Paula, it’s for real! I haven’t been to Wal-mart in AGES and this is the first time I saw HC there. My jaw literally dropped when I saw that the eyeshadows are only $6!

  3. excuse the question, but since im from germany / the uk, we dont have it here. is HC really good quality for little money like NYX is? or is it a great brand that used to be more expensive and has now gone down in price?

  4. Maria,

    Hard Candy used to be a mid-end brand like Urban Decay back in the days and is most famous for its nail polishes. I had some nail polishes and eyeshadows from the old line and they were pretty good quality.

    I’m wearing the glitter liner, mascara and lipstick right now and I’ll update with reviews tonight.

  5. I love Hard Candy back in high school and back then they are very very expensive for a jobless high school girl. I am glad they are back and more affordable and that I can squeeze this in my budget. The Walmart in Vancouver is quite far from my place and I haven’t gone in ages but I do hope they carry HC there!

  6. I went to my Walmart today and they DID have Hard Candy!!! Oh happy day! But all the glittery cream eye shadows (like your Queenie) were sold out! Boo!

  7. i saw these a few days ago at walmart and i thought “no way, these must be a different brand with the same name,” but apparently they’re not! although i’m sure the quality is a bit deteriorated, i will definitely be picking up some next time.

  8. I’ve never heard of Hard Candy before but it looks really cool. Next time I stop by my local wal-mart, I’ll have to check the make up aisle :)

  9. oh my god! hard candy was big back when i used to steal my cousins seventeen magazines. i still have a black glitter eyeliner (down to a nub). so excited! now i have reason to go to walmart.

  10. I LOVE that Walmart carries this line. Has anybody tried the Eye Candy Cream Shadow? I’m looking for something that is more affordable than MAC’S Pigments…