Giveaway: Win a $75 Maybelline goodies bag!

Voted as the best mascara by Teen Vogue, Allure, Essence and more, Maybelline Great Lash, is now bigger and better! The new Great Lash Big now features a bigger brush for a bigger, bolder effect while keeping your lashes clump-free.

Check out the commercial below and behind-the-scene footage where BIG, the Great Lash Big mascot, pranced around the streets of NYC in search of women to appear in the Great Lash Big Gig.

To win a goodies bag packed with Great Lash Big along with a Maybelline-branded compact mirror and other Maybelline beauty products, simply tell me what your favorite Maybelline product is and why. Open to US residents only. The winner will be picked next Thursday (10/15/09) and notified via e-mail. Good luck!

Update: The giveaway has ended and Monica is the winner.


  1. Definitely the Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express Mascara Cat Eyes! 😀 I love, love the wand! Oh and the Maybelline mineral make up line, too.

  2. I love Maybelline Full and Soft Mascara. It doesn’t flake, smudge, and does a wonderful job at holding curl. Oh, and no clumping too 😀 It enhance my lashes without going over the top. And you just can’t beat the price. I luvrr their Chai Latte quad too, affordable price and decent pigmentation, perfect for a natural eye look!

  3. My favorite Maybelline product is their dream mousse blush, the color is very pigmented and a little goes a long way, it also stay on the whole day. And I love that is is mousse not cream, not powder but mousse. Awesome product!

  4. My favourite Maybelline product is the Super Stay Foundation because its sweat proof, oil-free, doesn’t transfer and the shade matches me well :)

  5. I love their Dream Matte Mouse foundation! It’s so light and airy and blends like a dream. Of course, I LOVE Maybelline mascaras, especially the Great lash – I’m ecstatic that they’ve upgraded it!

  6. I really love Maybelline’s Dream Mousse Blush. I love the light texture and that it makes me look really refreshed and awake. It’s a great product for me to use when I’m pressed for time in the morning and I just want to get out the door quickly.

  7. My favorite product by maybeline has to be XXL mascara.
    I like that it brushes on smoothly, no clump and stays on all day. It has a volumizer added to the mascara as well . My lashes looks thicker and longer in effect of the product.

  8. My favorite product by Maybelline is there Full n Soft mascara! I like it because it gives me good, soft, full and long lashes WITHOUT crazy clumping, smudging, flakiness, or dryness (like from waterproof formulas). One of my HG mascaras, definitely.

  9. My favorite from Maybelline is the lash stiletto! Thank goodness i read ur review! It doesn’t clump, it separates lashes SO well and lengthens! :)

  10. I would say my favourite Maybelline producut is Maybelline’s instant age rewind double face perfector concealer. LOl that’s a long name. The reason I chose it was because I think it is a good drug store concealer. But the reason I really love it is because it comes with a highlighter! It’s a two in one. I love how the highlighter can make my face look so much brighter & “glowing.” I always recieve compliments when I use it, so I’m happy. :)

  11. I love the Colossal Volume Express Mascara!
    The plump brush makes all of my lashes longer, it smells a bit funny like you mentioned but i still love it.
    Plus, it washes off easily unlike some that clumps on the lashes like crazy… especially when using falsies.
    I gotta use it every single day.
    So glad i read your review on it 😀

  12. My favorite Maybelline product would have to be their Pure Makeup Foundation. It’s the only drugstore foundation that makes my skin look flawless when I’m taking pictures. And after a night out with my friends, it doesn’t make my face look super-oily or greasy.

  13. i like great lash and pulse perfection but my favorite by them is the liquid liner. i just ran out but it was the first liquid liner i actually did well with.

  14. Maybelline has been known for its mascara, but I truly love the Volume Express Turbo Boost in waterproof. I just simply curl and apply, and it lengthens and curls my lashes lasting all day long. It has done so many wonders and is simply a mascara must have.

  15. I absolutely love maybelline’s moisture extreme lipstick!!! I used to NEVER wear lipstick because it looked horrid on my lips but this stuff is incredibly moisturizing and comes is gorgeous colors. Now, I’ve got a small drawer full f them in different shades but my two faves are nude blush and luminous beige. LOVE!!! =D

  16. my favourite.. is actually the great lash lol. i’ve tried out sooo many mascaras and this is my HG mascara!!!

    when i first saw the brush i thought to myself.. so there can’t be anything special, but then, as i applied it, i realized.. “wow! NO CLUMPS!”, and i find that you can really layer it and layer it to achieve amaaazing volume, separation AND length!! What more could a girl ask for from a drugstore mascara?? not only that, but it doesn’t smudge as much as other volumizing mascaras (like l’oreal’s voluminous – although the maybelline great lash is definitely not *as* dramatic), and it keeps my eyelashes curled!!

    not to mention the awesomely low price, and flashy packaging…

    i *loves* it!!

  17. My favorite Maybelline product is the Lash Stiletto Mascara!

    It’s so affordable. It lengthens my lashes dramatically with just a few coats and and it never smears like the chunky wands. It’s long lasting and I absolutely love the packaging!

    The sleek, black, and red packaging makes doing touch ups so much more fun!

  18. I love, love, love their Lash Stiletto Mascara! It makes my lashes look super dark, thick and long.

    I love Maybelline!

  19. I LOVE experimenting with cosmetics, but as far as mascara is concerned, I like to keep it simple. Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara is my all time favorite mascara. I lived in S. Korea for a year as a teacher and I had my mother mail me a tube every few months since they don’t sell it there.

  20. I know Maybelline definitely has really great mascaras such as my favorite, the Colossal Volume Express. However, I gotta say my favorite product has got to be their Dream Mousse Blush in Rose Petal. I love how there’s little flecks of glitter just to give my cheeks a rosy subtle glow but not anything over the top. Also, since I’ve been cursed with dry skin, it actually helps give more moisture to my cheeks instead of regular blushes. Plus, the packaging is so cute and I want to collect them all!

  21. I have the moisture extreme lipstick in nude blush. I love how it doesn’t dry my lips out like a lot of other lipsticks do – it’s almost like a gloss!

  22. Hi ya! :)

    I love Maybelline and have been using their beauty products since I was a little girl.

    And I, of course, have a favorite product.

    Some pre-history:
    last year I was going through my mom’s make-up and imagine my surprise when I saw numerous small eyeshadows palettes. I was excited and tried all of them. And then mom told me that she had stumbled upon her make-up,stashed in a box… from the 80s(!).

    Anyway, since I’ve been inseparable with then my favorite thing – “Blooming Colors Eyeshadow” by Maybelline in “Nutmeg” (D-66). It’s more than e/s – it’s one high-quality product and what makes it more precious it’s the fact it is VINTAGE! *yay*

    I often use these eyeshadows as bronzer – it gives a very visible and lasting bronze glow with intense shimmer. No ordinary bronzer has been able to give me that effect!

    I can’t say one bad thing about Maybelline and I always follow their new launches and collections.

    I don’t know what I’ll do when my last “Nutmeg” e/s ends… I love it so much!

    I’d love to win such a wonderful giveaway – Maybelline is the best!

    Twitter: Pobeda

    Thank you for organizing this!

  23. maybellines waterproof FULL&SOFT.
    because it gives me nice fluttery lashes that are definitely wink worthy (;

  24. my favorite maybelline product has to be the dream matte mousse foundation. it conceals my pores and kinda controls my oil. its long lasting for me and i just love it. ive been using this for two years now. ive tried many other brands but i keep coming back to this. i’ve tried foundations from MUFE, MAC, Clinique, Nars, Laura Mercier and Stila. its just that great of a product that all these high end brands dont compare to this foundation.

  25. The Dream Matte Mousse is my go-to foundation because it’s not as heavy as liquid foundation & provides more coverage than powder foundation. Also, my skin is oily, so I can’t use mineral foundation. It’s easy for me to control how much I apply and it feels like I’m not even wearing any foundation at all!

  26. Hi Phyllis! I love this giveaway. Thanks for having it. My favorite Maybelline product is their color sensational lipstick in “Pink Please”. It’s a very pretty pinky-mauve color and I especially like that it’s easy to apply on my lips and moisturizing at the same time. Thanks again.

  27. my favorite ALL TIME favorite maybelline product is the dream matte compact powder. I love it because it’s not completely matte. The powder has subtle shimmers in it! i love it. The coverage is very buildable and it doesn’t look cakey on either~!! The packaging is also a plus!! It has an awesome swiveled mirror. This is definitely my HG powder!

  28. I am currently loving their Color Sensational lipstick in “Pink Please”. It’s the perfect pink for my pigmented lips.

  29. Hi Phyllis! My favorite Maybelline product would have to be their new “Great Lash Big” mascara because it does exactly what it promises to do. It gives me great, big lashes! And I love how it stays put all day long. :)

  30. My favorite Maybelline products are the Lash Stilleto Mascara because i love how much longer my lashes look and the Cool Effect Liner. I also just recently tried the VolumeXL Seduction Lip Plumper which is a new favorite of mine as well.

  31. My favorite is definately their Sky High Curves waterproof mascara. Holds my straight asian eyelashes into a pretty curl all day, no smudging, smearing, flaking, and comes off with mascara remover. Been using it for 5 years and will continue to do so!

  32. Maybelline have the best mascaras I know of! Right now I can’t go out of my house without having Volum’ Express Lift-Up or Full & Soft in my purse!!!

    Express Lift Up gives me the length and volume that I need when I go to work. I use it from 8 am to 4 pm and I swear to you i does not flake at all. Full and Soft is fantastic for the natural look if I just have some simple grocery shopping/lounging out to do. I still don’t know how the formulation amkes my eyelashes so soft even after 4 coats of mascara! I love the fact that neither of them clump nor smudge easily because I don’t have necessarily the time to retouch.

    I tried Great Lash Mascara before but I wouldn’t say it is my favorite though. I’m definitely ecstatic that they reformed the brush since that’s the one I had problems with before!

    I really want to be proven wrong with my view on the great Lash Mascara, now that it has renewed itself! I would love to try it out again and Phyllis, thank you so much for this chance!


  33. My favorite Maybelline product would have to be the Colossal mascara. It really does an awesome job of pumping up my lashes! It gives me so much volume, I swear they look like falsies!

  34. Maybelline Clear Brow Gel.
    It’s my favorite Maybelline product because there’s not a hair out of place when I use it!

  35. I’m in love with the Lash Stylist Mascara in waterproof. These gave me the most dramatic lashes ever–super volumized and long! Too bad it’s discontinued now!

  36. I love Dream matte powder! I discovered it on youtube. After using a light shimmery primer, I apply it with a sponge and it gives me great coverage + stays matte all day!

  37. Hi Phyllis! My favorite maybelline product has got to be the Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara. I’ve been using the original volum’ express for quite awhile and was ECSTATIC when they released the COLOSSSAL. It makes my short little lashes look elongated and volumized. Everyone always think that I’m wearing falsies when really, it’s just three coats of the Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  38. I love their double ended mascara! One end is the fiber, the other end is the mascara which makes my lashes look really long.

  39. I LOVE the Volume Express Mascara! I have pretty long eyelashes and this mascara makes them POP and appear full without looking cartoon-ishly long.

  40. I love the new maybelline color sensational lipstick because they are so pigmented and moisturizing. The color you see is the color you get.

  41. My current favorite is Colossal Volum Express! I just started using it not too long ago and I’m in love with it! It’s the best :)

  42. I love Maybelline Great Lash mascara because I have very sensitive eyes and this is the only mascara that I’ve tried that doesn’t make my eyes itchy and red! Thanks, Maybelline!

  43. i absolutely adore pulse perfection. it’s just like the lancome one but so much cheaper! who doesn’t like a bargain?!

  44. Maybelline Define-A-Lash mascara is my favorite Maybelline product. I have short lashes that barely show yet this mascara defines them and makes me feel better about my lashes. It also doesn’t smudge on me which is a big plus.

  45. One of my favorite Maybelline products has to be the Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara. This mascara really fattens my lashes beyond control! They deliver a dark, shiny pigment a lengthening effect with a touch of retro glam.

  46. my favorite is great lash mascara because it was my first makeup product i bought at 13 years old. i still buy it today.

  47. My favorite product from Maybelline is also their most famous product, the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, Blackest Black. It’s my fav Maybelline product because it’s true to its name. It’s the BLACKEST mascara out there and it really brings out my lashes. It goes on smoothly and does not clump. I also love the iconic tube. 😀

  48. I love their Colossal mascara! It is so good at volumizing lashes that even my short stubby ones get noticed after two coats. I like how it also doesn’t clump and is really black in color

  49. I love the Dream matte powder! It’s great at keeping my face looking fresh and matte for long periods of time. (:

  50. I LOVE Maybelline’s color sensational lipstick in Pink Please because it’s so moisturizing and it’s the perfect nude pink color for my lips!

  51. It would def. be “Volum’ Express Turbo Boost® Waterproof” mascara because the waterproof formula stays and doesn’t “melt” off and leave dust while I’m all sweaty and running at the gym. Even when I apply it in the morning (it doesn’t clump), it still makes my eyes look soft, dark and FRESH after 16 hours!! There’s also no mess when I try remove it–comes right off with the maybelline makeup remover. What more can a girl ask for?

  52. Maybelline Full and Soft mascara and the Dream Matte Powder. The mascara is great for a natural, but noticable look, and the Dream Matte Powder leaves my skin shine free!

  53. I love to where maybelline makeup eyeshadows in rain-bow colors to match my outfits, and i love to where maybelline lip stick the lip stick lasts for a long time more better than other brands. I love maybelline face powder, it feels light on your face and doesn’t break me out like lot’s of other name brand makeup does. I love there blush, because the blush gives a pretty glow in the sunlight on your face.