FOTD: Green Smoky Eyes with MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics Fall 2009 Collection

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Published on August 23, 2009 with 19 Comments

Now that I’m feeling much better, I finally got to play with the MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics Fall 2009 Collection goodies I picked up =)

MAC Photo Realism and Personal Taste Makeup Look

Soft green smoky eyes with MAC Photo Realism and Personal Taste

What I Used

* Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation in #120 Soft Sand buffed in with MAC #109 Brush
* Anastasia Highlighting Brow Kit to fill in eyebrows
* MAC Grey Range eyeshadow from Photo Realism Eyeshadow Quad on the eyelid and under the eye
* MAC Image Maker eyeshadow from Photo Realism Eyeshadow Quad on the crease
* MAC Photorealism eyeshadow from Photo Realism Eyeshadow Quad to highlight
* MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack to line
* Lashes #Sweet 16 from my very own line
* CoverGirl LashBlast Length Mascara on lower lashes
* MAC Shaping Powder in Lightsweep along bridge of nose
* MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden on cheekbones blended towards the temples
* MAC Personal Taste Lipglass on lips


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  1. Your own line?! Congratulations can’t wait to here about it!

  2. Ahh, gorgeous like I expected =D
    Own line? Congrats ar! Can’t wait! ^^

  3. This is bautiful!

    You have your own line? That’s awesome, congrats! Can’t wait to know more about it!

  4. Btw: You only applied mascara on your lower lashes. So that means you just applied false lashes on the top and curled your natural lashes and falsies all together?

  5. Thanks ladies! Will post more about the line shortly =)

  6. Cattie, that is correct. I don’t always apply mascara before the lashes (I think that ruins them). You just have to curl them when you are done so they blend in with one another.

  7. This quad is just ammmmmmazing!

  8. It’s such a pretty look!

  9. i cant wait for your update on your lashes!
    i already love all of the taiwanese lashes you use, which i do too, so i cannot wait to see yours!
    i’ll def be first in line to purchase =)

  10. this is gorgeous! those colors are just so perfect for the fall season!

  11. Gorgeous! Can’t wait for your own line of makeup Phyllis. Congrats :D

  12. Ahh, that’s a great idea, Phyllis! I’ll keep that in mind =)
    I always thought you should put mascara on after the falsies to blend them together, but if I use your methode I won’t ruin my future falsies. I asked my aunt to bring me some from HK. Thanks!

  13. Wow, I LOVE this look! Makes me want to buy the photo realism quad (but I actually want KATE.. must .. resist.. temptation!) & the bronzer looks stunning on you. I think I might actually go buy these tomorrow. And I can’t wait to here about your own line, congrats<3!

  14. I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and I really enjoy all the tips your give us asian girls. BTW I love this look! I can’t wait to recreate it later :) Congralations on launching your own line! Congratulations!

  15. I just have to say that I love your blog! I’ve been following it for awhile now but this is the first time I’ve decided to reply ;p Really love this look and also can’t wait to hear about your own line :)

  16. Thanks everyone! I’m really excited about the lashes too. Hopefully, you will like them as much as I do =)

  17. I love your fotd/eotd, always flawless and I always looking forward to see them. Keep up the great work! =)

  18. Hi Phyllis, what do you use to set your HD foundation so it doesnt become too shiny?

  19. Trish,

    My skin is on the dry side so I don’t set the HD foundation with anything. If you are looking for a setting powder, try the HD Microfinish Powder (also from Make Up For Ever). It is super fine and works beautifully with the foundation.

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