Flaunt Your Vanity With The Latest Q-Tip Vanity Packs!

July 14, 2009

Ladies, our good old Q-tip cotton swabs just got a makeover! The Vanity Packs now come in 4 different boxes in shades of purple, blue, red and yellow along with trendy designs to match your décor while you get all dolled up! And if the cute packaging is not enough reason to pick up a pack, here are some tricks on how a simple Q-tip can save your life!

* Clean up smudges and mistakes. Simply dip a Q-tip in eye cream or moisturizer to take off that smeared mascara or runny eyeliner without having to redo the whole eye. I always keep a few of these babies in my purse for touch-ups.

* Apply eyeliner. To rim the waterline, I like dipping a damp Q-tip into powder eyeshadow/pigment or gently rubbing it over a pencil liner before I run it along the lashlines.

* Soften harsh eyeliner. Run a Q-tip over an extra thick line to tone it down or smudge it out for a sultry smoky look.

* Highlight the inner corners of the eye. Thanks to their tiny size and precision, Q-tips are great for adding a dab of highlighting powder or cream in the inner corners for a wide eyed look.

* Darken the crease. If you have a smaller crease, try defining it by dipping a Q-tip in eyeshadow and sweeping it back and forth in a windshield motion.

* For a natural no-lined lip, run a Q-tip over your lipstick and go over your natural lip line before you apply lipstick.

Know of more ways to use a Q-tip? Bring them on!


  • Reply Valerie July 15, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    wow thats great, thanks phyllis! now q-tips have a whole new meaning

  • Reply ashley July 15, 2009 at 10:47 pm

    OMG these are so cute! I’m definitely going to get them!

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