Poll: What Is Your Favorite Eyeshadow Look?

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Published on June 14, 2009 with 6 Comments

For me, it is definitely a tie between bright colors and dark smoky eyes. I *love* using bright teals and violets to make my brown eyes pop but you can never go wrong with smoky bronzes and plums either. What about you ladies?

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  1. Definitely purple smokey eyes.

  2. A look that I can use for any occation. Not overdone with crazy colors, but definately more than just mascara and an invisible eyeshadow! Which is hard to create!

  3. I want a little bit of everything! lol

  4. Dont wear eyeshadow. i tried putting some and it looks terrible. it seems like someone punched me on the eye. so i gave up on that lolz

  5. I don’t wear eyeshadow daily. But every once in a while, I put on green, silver or copper eyeshadow on my outer eyelids and below the eyes (veeeery important!) in a smoky way with MAC’s Cream Color Base in Pearl on my tear ducts. On my brow bone and inner eye I apply DuWop’s Doubleglow7.

  6. BLack is too harsh for everyday wear.. I like using dark colours who aren’t black.

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