Sneak Peak of Kristen Stewart’s Allure Photoshoot

Last week, Kristen Stewart did a photoshoot for Allure (it’s about time!), looking fierce as ever! Love the big wavy hair and sultry eye makeup!

Is it me or does her eye makeup remind you of her look at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards?


  1. YEAH SO TRUE! lol you should def do a tutorial about it. I love the eye makeup! :) why don’t you ever do a video?! I wonder why…

  2. not gonna lie, i do like her eye make-up. the shade of her hair and her eye color make a very nice composition.

    but… she sort of lacks the spark that completes the look. a lot of times it just seems like she’s zoning out. not going to call her out on the whole “confidence” thing (i wouldn’t do any better), but if only she’d bring herself out more. twilight probably gave her more fame than she might have wanted (not going to be her fan just because she was in some movie that could have been done better), but she could maybe show some inner flair since it’s near the end of this chapter.