Creative Nail Design #135 Iced Cappuccino Nail Lacquer Review

Spotted all over the spring/summer 2009 runways, metallic nail polishes from honey bronze to 24k karat shades are the *hottest* thing right now!

3.1 Phillip Lim, Versace and Alexander McQueen S/S 2009

To try out the trend, I sampled Creative Nail Design’s #135 Iced Cappuccino Nail Lacquer, a light coppery brown that was used regularly at fashion week.

While the color is pretty, it is a little too close to my NC30 Asian skin tone. I like polishes with a bit more contrast to my skin tone so I would recommend this color for someone with a lighter or darker complexion.

The texture, however, is very smooth and application is streakless! All you need is 3 strokes – one down the middle and two on the sides – and the polish will settle evenly by itself. It also dries within a minute (definitely a plus for me) and wears well without chipping for over a week.

I have always been an OPI and MAC kind of girl when it comes to nail polishes but I will definitely be adding some CND to my collection now!

Not a fan of metallics? Stay tuned for the other nail trends for this season!



  1. i like this color but i don’t think it looks that original that i would run out and buy it as soon as it hit the shelves… I feel like i have many polishes similar to it

    it being completely streakless though? i’d have to wish for more colors with this consistency!