Girls Aloud + Eylure False Lashes Collection

My favorite girl group from the UK, Girls Aloud, have teamed up with fake lashes guru Eylure to launch their own collection of false eyelashes.

The girls have each designed a set of lashes according to their individual styles.

Girls Aloud Eylure False Lashes Collection

From left to right:

* Cheryl – A cool and ultra-glamorous dark glossy look.
* Sarah – A full, spiky style that will elongate your eyes.
* Kimberley – Gives great length and texture.
* Nicola – A full yet demure look with a natural beauty effect.
* Nadine – Full and layered with a natural feel.

Each set of lashes is priced at £5 and available at Superdrug and online at

I am really eyeing the Cheryl, Nicole and Nadine sets. Guess it’s time someone sends me a little something from the UK (you know who you are!) *lol*

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  1. hey the girls aloud eyelashes i have to say aren’t that amazing…i bought nadine ones cos they were the most dramatic but natural looking….still haven’t worn them out yet! and i wear falsies everyday!

  2. Fake eyelashes tends to really beautify your eyes. Once they are applied properly, they will give your eyes that perfect finish.

    They complement your eye makeup very well, so I think it’s worth using them. It’s very good to see that the girls chose eyelashes to suit their unique style.

  3. I want these eyelashes but the Cheryl ones are sold out everywhere. I cant apply them properly so was going to buy one of the eyelash clips you recommended Phyllis but I cant find one anywhere