Makeup Tutorial: How To Apply False Eyelashes On The Bottom

Finally, the much anticipated tutorial on how to apply fake lashes on the bottom!

Full set of strip lashes

Half lashes

What You Will Need

* A pair of strip lashes/half lashes
* Eyelash glue
* Tweezers
* Scissors
* Eyelash curler
* Bobby pin
* Eyeliner
* Mascara

How To

Step 1. Do your eye makeup as you would normally and apply a thin coat of mascara on your bottom lashes.

Step 2. Choose a pair of lashes that you want to wear.

Step 3. Take them out from the box carefully and trim them a little to make sure they fit the shape and length of your eye.

Step 4. Pick up the falsies with a pair of tweezers and apply a thin layer of glue on the strip (I love Duo’s Waterproof Eyelash Glue) but avoid putting too much or it will become a mess. If you plan on placing the lashes on top of your lower lashes, apply glue on the bottom of the strip. If you want to place it under, apply glue on the top of the strip.

When it comes to bottom lashes, I like to place them under my natural lashes so I applied glue on the top of the strip.

Step 5. Let the glue dry for 5 to 10 seconds. Once the glue turns tacky, place the lashes close to your natural lashes.

Step 6. If you are using a full set of lashes, work the middle first before moving onto the inner and outer corners.

Step 7. Readjust if necessary.

Step 8. Once the glue is completely dry, fill in any white gaps between the lashes and your natural lashes with a black liner.

Product Recs
Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can use individual lashes, half lashes or even a full set of strip lashes on the lower eye.

Shu Uemura Flare Under Eyelashes

MAC Hello Kitty Lashes

Taiwanese Bottom Strip Lashes

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  1. interesting post – i’ve been contemplating trying single lashes – does this work better for you? is it different in application process?

  2. hey babe

    thanks for the TUT but, I am a bit scared of putting on falsies because I have no idea how I will remove them at the end of the day.

    Please advice


  3. Yaya,

    You apply single lashes the same way but remember to put more/the longer ones on the outer corner so it looks more natural.

  4. Hi!
    Thanks for the tips on everything. But I was just wandering where you get the Taiwanese Bottom Strip Lashes from? I’m desperate for some since they are the perfect length for me.

  5. I love your makeup tips!
    anyways, i was wondering if you are using Princess Lee..the taiwanese brand false eyelashes? and I was wondering, can i only buy them in taiwan, can i buy in them in Hong Kong?

  6. PLEEEAASE tell me what is the name of those blue contacts in this picture. I now need them to survive!!!

  7. Wonderful! Where can i get the bottom lashes besides the internet? Been searching for a while now and couldn’t find any. (Strip bottom lashes)