Makeup For Life featured on Makeup Bag!

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Published on January 27, 2009 with 19 Comments

One of my favorite beauty bloggers, Erika from Makeup Bag, has featured me on her blog!

To read the article, go to:


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  1. wow! very impressive….hehheh! first time visit here!

  2. u r so beautiful!!!

  3. I read the interview yesterday, was so much fun !And, I love this pic !

  4. Amazing!

  5. Can you smile???

  6. I love your blog!! have been following since last year :D
    where did you get that skirt?????!!!! the blue is sooo prettttyyyyyy XD

  7. Such a MU collection!
    Please could you tell me which lipstick you wore on this pic? It seems like a light version of Girl about town.

  8. congrats!

    and whoa- that’s a LOT of mac. so jealous!

  9. I love how that lipstick color pops without being over the top. What color is it? Thanks.

  10. is the top u are wearing from Zara ??????

  11. Look at all those posters and pigments :)!

  12. Right on!

  13. Thanks ladies =)

  14. Cella, the skirt is from Forever 21.

    Caki, the top is from H&M, not Zara.

  15. Celine and Angel,

    I am wearing Girl About Town but I toned it down by applying a really sheer layer and blotting with a Kleenex before topping with a clear gloss.

  16. how do u ever afford all that makeup?

  17. aww so cute! you deserve the recognition! one of the top beauty blogs for realz!

  18. Haha I’m like your biggest fan Phyllis! Keep us posted when you go to LA, I would love to meet you! =]

  19. I love your collection! :D

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