Barbie All Doll’d Up Makeup Collection Previews

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Published on November 20, 2008 with 19 Comments

If you loved the Barbie Loves MAC collection last year, you have to check this out!

Barbie has officially launched its own line of makeup and just like the MAC collection, each product comes in a sleek black packaging embossed with a classic Barbie ponytail silhouette logo! The line is currently sold only in Korea and all products are made by Intercos and Schwen.

If any of you have seen these products in person, please report back!

Sheer Glow Foundation (33,000 won)
Shades: #01 Light Beige and #02 Natural Beige

Hydrating Primer (27,000 won)

Enlightening Pressed Powder (34,000 won)
Shades: #01 Light Beige and #02 Peach Beige

Glow Allover (33000 won)
Shades: #01 Pearl Pink Beige

Powder Brow Pencil (18000 won)
Shades: #01 Grey Black and #02 Grey Brown

Party On Eyeliner (18000 won)
Shades: #01 Black Pearl and #02 Black

Smooth Eye Color (12000 won)

Fabulous Mascara (25000 won)

Up & Sweep Blusher (24,000 won)

Shimmer Lip Gloss (18000 won)

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  1. Hi Phyllis,
    This is my first post since I am a new subscriber. So far I love your blog, some of them has very important information regarding health and beauty.

    This Barbie line collection is pretty cute but just wondering if anyone has tried any of the Barbie line, is the quality of products close to MAC?

    do they also sell these in America? since the prices are in Chinese currencies?


  2. I emailed you again, babe! Hope you got it this time :) If not, check in junk mail! <3

  3. must have U_U!!!!

  4. no actually I didn’t get the email.what is the email about?

  5. does thee Barbie line not carry any darker powder/foundation?

    they all seem so..light

  6. Rushna,

    Like I said on the entry, the line is currently sold only in Korea (the prices are in Korean won).

    Oh and Marsadie was referring to me about the e-mail =)

    • i wonder where do you can buy this BARBIE make up any site online where i can order it thank

  7. D,

    Unfortunately from what I have seen, the line only makes foundations/powers in lighter shades (which would kind of make sense since it is sold only in Asia and most people tend to be paler there).

  8. Hey Phyllis,
    I’ve been living in seoul for almost 3 months, but i haven’t noticed this collection, but i’ll keep an eye out for you if you like =)

  9. MiuMiu,

    The line is sold at

    Please keep me posted if you ever get a chance to see it! Thanks!

  10. Hey Phyllis!

    I love your blog! My name is Phyllis too and I used to live in Chicago but now am in HK. I was in Seoul 2 weeks ago and I saw the Barbie line at Watson’s in Dongdaemun. I didn’t really check it out though because I wasn’t sure how the quality was – for that price, I’d rather buy BB cream! The gloss colors are all pretty girlie (pinks), but the eyeshadows seem kinda plain IMO. As much as I love Barbie, I think you can get similar colors from most other brands.. :/

  11. Barbie? Really?

  12. =D heyy phyllis!
    kk just letting you know about…
    hello kiity X mac coming out in febuary 2009!! :)
    my friend just told me
    but i really havent done any research about it
    but yeah =D
    anyways just letting you know =]!

  13. All these Barbie Products are for Korea only? When all these will be available in USA?

  14. I have ordered these Barbie makeup from

    The Hydrating Primer is really good (its very popular in Korea) but the Up & Sweep Blusher sucked big time, def not worth the price!!

    I have added a pic of my goodies:

  15. Thanks for the photos Wan Yang!

  16. WAAAAAAHHHHHH! I was at the Bloomingdale’s Barbie Event last night and I got a chance to speak with one of the MATTEL reps who informed that this cosmetic line will not be available in the US, its a European Exclusive and the that the American Doll’d Up collection is the one by Stila. I’m so disappointed I was so looking forward to purchasing these products this week.

    Wnag Yang do you know if the company you purchased this from ships to the US? Do you know the price range in American $?

  17. The Barbie range is also available at Olive Young stores in Korea. I fell in love with the eyeshadow colors and got the midnight Khaki smooth eye color. It really is smooth, you can apply and blend it with your fingers no problem. The quality is really good, I will buy more of these for sure…replace some of my MAC colors!

  18. Hir barbie make up..
    I from vietnam, i want to buy many your cosemic …. and how can i buy? and give me wholesale price ?

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