Celebrity Makeup Breakdown: Victoria Beckham On The Cover of Allure August 2008

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Published on July 28, 2008 with 6 Comments

I am really liking Victoria Beckham‘s look on the cover of the latest Allure August issue. The soft, natural makeup and toussled hair – she looks almost like an angel!

Since “Victoria vamps it up a lot”, makeup artist Scott Andrew decided to give her a “bit more natural and unexpected” look for the shoot.

Mix your favorite moisturizer into your foundation for a dewy look. Apply a sheer creamy blush in a rosy color onto the apples of the cheeks.

To create Victoria’s “soft and pretty eyes”, sweep a shimmery beige eyeshadow and rim your eyes with a black pencil . Apply several coats of black mascara on both the top and bottom.

Blend a beige lipstick with a pink lip stain on top for uber soft, kissable lips.

Products Used
* Rimmel London Color Rush Mono Eyeshadow in Spun Gold ($3.05)
* Rimmel London Exaggerate Eye Definer in Noir ($5.35)
* Rimmel London Mousse Blush in Frozen Cherry ($6.95)
* Rimmel London Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick in Birthday Suit ($6.25)
* Rimmel London Lip Bloomer Lip Stain/Plumping Gloss Duo in Killer Kiss ($6.25)


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  1. I really love her hair in the third photo, the one with all the curls.

    I’m surprised that most of the makeup listed is so inexpensive.

  2. I love her. And the cover look is gorgeous! Thanks for this!

  3. Hey I’m a suscriber to your blog, and I read recently that Dawn Yang has been taking your content and pasting it on her blog. Source: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthread.php?t=2036977

    Just thought you’d like to know :)

  4. Victoria looks so pretty! I love her lips. Vic rox!

  5. Well it seems that PS (Photoshop) has a good job here. Uber perfect skin that any cosmetics can make :) Anyway, her look is great in the cover.

  6. hi phyllis!!!! i just wanted to say i have been reading your blog for a long time now. one constructive comment is that i was wondering if you can post tutorials, step by steps videos/pictures/text on how to apply makeup. that will be very helpful. your blog has been an immense help to me so far! thank you for updating it often!!
    also, i was wondering what are you using on your lips of your profile picture? thank you!!!!! :)

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