OPI Mod About Brights Collection Nail Lacquer Review and Photos

I finally caved into the neon craze and got myself a few neon nail polishes from OPI Mod About Brights Collection.

The collection debuted in mid-April this year and contains six shockingly bright colors to match the mod theme of the Sixties.

Not only do these nail polishes look delicious, they are uber creamy, decently pigmented, non-streaky and they stay on really well with a base coat and top coat. Check them out when you get a chance!

How To Wear Bright Nail Polish
* Bright colors look best on short, round nails.

* People have always matched their nail polishes with their lipsticks but the latest “it” way to do it is to match your nail polish with your eye makeup (just like the model on top).

* For a truly mod look, wear the same color on all ten fingers and pair with a simple outfit.

* Copy Asian celebrities and models by wearing different colors on different fingers or using different colors on the same finger to create think polka dots, stripes etc. for a cuter look.

My Haul

From Left to Right: That’s Hot! Pink, The “It” Color and Green-wich Village


  1. Hey phyllis

    I’ve seen those OPI Mod and they are gorgeous but do you know where I can get a set of 5 neon colors similar to the OPI colors but in a set with smaller bottles?

  2. J, Essie makes a mini set of 4 with yellow, hot pink, purple and coral but personally I find Essie nail polishes to be very streaky.

  3. GREAT CHOICE!!!!! I love bright pinks so much! The green look really delicious as well… um… maybe I should buy them once I come back to Chi-town…

    I’m already in HK! Let me know if you need anything :)

  4. I can’t wait to get these but with all the neon collections flying around, why no blue? essie doesn’t have one and the color cop neon collection doesn’t either. what gives? argh!

  5. all of the colors look fabulous, although i think i am liking the that’s hot! pink the best…i would like to try dating a royal or mod-ern girl too…not so sure how the it color (yellow) would look on me…