Bridal Makeup Tips For East Asians

June 2, 2008

As promised, I will be doing a series of Bridal Makeup Looks from different cultures and first, I am going to start off with my hometown – Hong Kong.

Hong Kong brides like to keep the look natural and light, especially during the day.

The look is very soft and feminine and you will rarely see any dark smoky colors or harsh lines on the eyes. Instead, a lot of soft, shimmery pastels are used. Some colors to really bring out brown eyes are pink, lavender, minty green, light blue and silver. A long-lasting eyeliner, an eyelash curler and a waterproof mascara are a must. You can also use false lashes for the day but remember to pick a pair that lengthens without being too over the top. Lining your lower lashes with an off-white/beige pencil will also make your eyes pop.

To create a healthy flush as spotted on Janice Man on the left, try colors like baby pink and soft peaches. Smile big and apply directly onto the apples to create a cute doll look.

When choosing a lip color, you can never go wrong with a medium pink or peach.

When the sun goes down, turn up the heat by using darker colors or adding in more shimmer.

A smoky look done with mauve and grey like the one on model Kathy Chow on the right, is fool-proof. The key to using purple eyeshadows without looking bruised is to use either a brown/charcoal color with it to create depth. Blend everything well and draw a thin line along your top lashes with a black liquid liner. Switch to a slightly denser pair of falsies if you like. Remember to also highlight the area right beneath your brow bone and the inner corners.

With slightly heavier eye makeup, use a slightly darker blush and lip color to avoid looking too mod.

If you are going for a traditional wedding and will be wearing a Qi Pao, you will need to do your makeup differently.

Stick to warm colors like bronze, gold or orange on the eyes. Line your eyes with a black liquid liner and wing it out on the outer corner. Wear a blush in warm tones like apricot and peach and finish the look with knock-them-dead red lips.

For more bridal makeup ideas, check out these tips and Bridal Makeup Tips For South Asians and Arabs.


  • Reply Anonymous June 3, 2008 at 5:33 am

    Love your idea! I’m looking forward to the coming articles!

  • Reply Anonymous June 3, 2008 at 10:36 am

    hey phyllis,

    a question about your hairstyle- i saw the pictures when you went to the make up seminar in your previous posts… how did you make the waves look so natural? did you go to the salon and had it done, or did you do it with a hair curler? a BIG hair curler?

    i’m thinking of getting my hair waved at the hairdressers. what are some tips to tell the hair dressers in asia?

    – Irene

  • Reply Donna June 10, 2008 at 4:23 am

    hey Phyllis, I’m not sure if it’s like this, too, in HK but when I was in Taiwan getting wedding photos done, they put whitening cream to make me look more pale and ethereal.

  • Reply [a} June 28, 2008 at 3:11 am

    Choice of colours is so subtle & gorgeous. Love the makeup in the second photo~

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