2008 MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Makeup and Fashion

The 2008 MTV Movie Awards took place at Los Angeles last Sunday and below are some of the celebrities that attended the event. Any thoughts?

Megan Fox always manages to look so stunning no matter what the occasion is (so jealous!) and can I just say I adore her dress?

Lindsay Lohan rocking it in a purple strapless dress along with her signature smoky eyes and nude lips.

Welcome back dolls!

A Shot At Love Season 2 might be a flop but Tila Tequila sure got a cute ‘do here.

Liv Tyler looking gorgeous without even trying.

Charlize Theron might not have the cutest outfit but her killer smile sure made up for it.

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag from The Hills – who’s got better style?

Hate the dress but *love* Riri’s makeup, hair and nails!


  1. I think Lindsay Lohan’s lips are a bit too nude and made her look washed out? I love Tila Tequila, no matter what ppl said about her 😛

  2. I think Megan Fox is so beautiful, but her looks sometimes are asking for too much sex lol…meaning she needs more refinment and elegance, both in her attitude and looks. But I do love the dress, it gives her some cuteness. Though I love her Laboutin heels, the signature red sole does not go with the color of the dress! I love how Tila went for a goddess look, but she should of opted for more lash attention…and less tattoo exposure? [optional] Lindsay looks like she just got off the Versace cat walk… healthy shiny hair, smokey eyes, very nude lip, and a jewel toned dress–luvv it! Liv looks effortlessly beautiful. I do admire Rihanna’s different take on fashion in comparison to a lot of the young singers, but the new hair has got to go–its the “dike” cut…go back to the modern angled bob!..or atleast something more female-like.

  3. whoa. tila actually looks pretty good here! i’m liking the drapey dress and the color and her hair/makeup!

  4. i love liv tyler- she’s always so pretty (naturally) :)

    i still can’t believe she’s been a mother for ages

  5. Hi,
    I just landed on your blog thru some googling 😉 Nice blog! Anyway the dress of Megan Fox is really awesome! I love pink and layers, this is the ultimate dress *bit princess like hehe*
    x Wen