Celebrity Makeup Breakdown: Angelababy

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Published on April 07, 2008 with 55 Comments

Hong Kong model Angelababy has taken over Asia by storm! She has appeared in numerous fashion magazines, on the runway, and guess what? She is only 19 – you go girl!

Angelababy Makeup Tutorial

When it comes to makeup, Angelababy loves playing up her eyes and leaving the rest of her face as simple as possible. To achieve her look, here are a few tips by the supermodel herself:

* Circle/Color Contact Lenses in Brown/Black to give you instant doll eyes.
* False Lashes on top and lots of black mascara on the bottom.
* Lots and lots of eyeliner on both the top and bottom to open up your peepers.
* Highlight your features by putting shimmer on the inner corners of yours eyes and along the bridge of your nose. Contour by applying a darker color along your cheekbones in a circular motion.

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  1. OH GUYS
    you guys have forgotten to mention her IMPLANTS in her FOREHEAD lol
    its pretty obvious. putting silicon in her forehead. gross.


    apparently she had a married man who paid her to be a “small wife” and she had plastic surgery done one by one with that money lol
    in japan! shame on you for lying you are mixed. lol

    • THE only person that we know who hates angelababy and other celebrities to the core is none other than~~~~~~ *drum rolls* “Dawn Yang”. Right, ‘Jess’?? *Winkz*

      Don’t believe? PROOF! >> http://theliesofdawn.blogspot.com/

  2. I am not sure if she had plastic surgery or not but I still think she is pretty. At least she is still able to have a variety of expressions in her pictures unlike some “models”. I work for a dermatologist who does fillers and I don’t find it to be wrong. If you feel better about yourself then who cares what other people will think. People wear makeup, false eyelashes, etc., that isn’t really natural either but again, if you go out there feeling more beautiful and confident, then the more power to you.

  3. stop the lies. She may had some plastic surgeries, but I saw her childhood photos. she had a tall nose bridge, and big double eyelids. Her forehead look the same. She never married anyone so stop the jealous. My daughter is 1/2 chinese, but happen to look very causasian. She is 9.5 and even causcasian people sometimes think she is white completely. But I can tell she is an asian mix. I am 100% chinese and never had plastic surgeries. I have tall nose bridge and all my sister have huge big eyes with double eyelids like Angela. We got it from my dad. Both of my parents are cantonese born in China and came to the u.s.a in the early 1970′s. There are a few idiots asking me if I had my nose done. I laughed. My dad have deep eyelid creaes and eye socket and I assure you that my dad never had plastic surgery. He also have a round forehead, and caucasoid blood structure. My mom on the other hand looks very eastern asian. In photos people never think I am even oriental (mongoloid asian poeople). Many people think I am either hispanic or a spanish. In person people think I am mixed with white . Oh, well whatever. In China people can look different. We don’t have this sterotyped asian face. The same goes for japanese people too. They don’t all have slanted slit small eyes. Some of them look mix when they are not and this is not plastic surgery cuz I know a few of them. I assure you if they have cuts on their eyelids I will be able to see it. Some mongoloid asians have skin that is even lighter than caucasian people. I assure you that my 9.5 years old daughter is 100% natural and didn’t get plastic surgery to look white. Her european dad would pity you jealous people out there.

  4. She still looks eurasion in that old make-over pic of hers.

    Hey~~~ maybe dawn yang is in this thread commenting coz of jealousy. SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!

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