RMK Shiny Mix Dot 2008 S/S Collection

Ever since I left Asia, I have not really followed the famous Japanese line, RMK, but their latest spring/summer collection sure got me drooling all over *lol* Girls in Asia, definitely check this out and let me know how everything is!

Shiny Mix Eyes

* Silver Pale Green (LE)
* Silver Blue (LE)
* Silver Purple (LE)
* Deep Silver Purple (LE)
* Shiny Gold (LE)
* Silver Chocolate Brown (LE)

Shiny Mix Cheeks

* Mocha Beige Pink (LE)
Coral Orange (LE)
* Orange Gold (LE)

Shiny Mix Lips

* Coral Silver Pink (LE)
* Orange Beige Pink (LE)
* Silver Orange Beige (LE)
* Pink Silver Beige (LE)
* Silver Beige (LE)

Shiny Mix

* 101 Holographic Soft Pink
* 102 Holographic Orange
* 103 Holographic Copper


  1. L’oreal had this eye shadow style with the mixed colors a couple years back and I bought them all. They were just so so on color payoff but cute idea.