RMK Shiny Mix Dot 2008 S/S Collection

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Published on February 18, 2008 with 5 Comments

Ever since I left Asia, I have not really followed the famous Japanese line, RMK, but their latest spring/summer collection sure got me drooling all over *lol* Girls in Asia, definitely check this out and let me know how everything is!

Shiny Mix Eyes

* Silver Pale Green (LE)
* Silver Blue (LE)
* Silver Purple (LE)
* Deep Silver Purple (LE)
* Shiny Gold (LE)
* Silver Chocolate Brown (LE)

Shiny Mix Cheeks

* Mocha Beige Pink (LE)
Coral Orange (LE)
* Orange Gold (LE)

Shiny Mix Lips

* Coral Silver Pink (LE)
* Orange Beige Pink (LE)
* Silver Orange Beige (LE)
* Pink Silver Beige (LE)
* Silver Beige (LE)

Shiny Mix

* 101 Holographic Soft Pink
* 102 Holographic Orange
* 103 Holographic Copper


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  1. i have to say…your new layout is really good. its a lot easier on the eyes ;)

  2. L’oreal had this eye shadow style with the mixed colors a couple years back and I bought them all. They were just so so on color payoff but cute idea.

  3. Hi, what color are you in rmk foundations? and do they run light or dark? thanks much!

  4. Lily, if IRRC, I wear #102 for their foundations.

  5. i just wants all of it ;)


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