FOTD: Me & Baby Zoe

I just adopted this precious little baby on Saturday and she’s *so* cute I just had to post a picture here =)

Phyllis and baby Zozo

* Skin Food Gingko BB Cream in #2
* Barbara Daly Concealer in Warm
* Bourjois Blush in 34 Rose D’or

* Stila Espresso eyeshadow to fill in eyebrows
* MAC Surreal eyeshadow
* MAC Swimming eyeshadow
* Barry M Liquid Liner in Black
* Ardell #117 Lashes
* Cover Girl Lash Blast in Very Black

* Vaseline


  1. I’m so jealous of your cat!
    I want one so bad…but The Mum won’t let me. xD
    Can’t wait till I’m out of the house. 😀

  2. Girl you are so pretty… haha… whether the weather is better, I might just drive up to Chicago and let’s go clubbing 😛

  3. AAAWWWWWWW how cuuute!!!! i’ve always wanted to adopt but i don’t know a THING! does it cost money or do you just sign a couple papers and choose?!
    p.s. what kinda contacts are you wearing?! you’re fierce w/ those lashes!

  4. Zoe’s turning 3 this spring. No one knows when her exact birth date is. Wanna help me pick a day in April/May?

  5. I got her off someone from Craigslist and I paid $40 for everything. I have to take her to the vet to get her shots updated though.

    If you want to adopt a kitty, you can check out your local shelters. You can get a cat from $30-100.

  6. I too got an adult cat a few years ago and I can’t imagine my life w/o her now.

    Tiff: If you’re looking into getting a cat, your local shelter is the best place to start. For a flat fee they will take care of the shots and probably even pitch in free vet trips. Good luck and pls avoid those mall-shops like Scamps.