MAC for Fafi Collection Reviews and Photos

February 13, 2008

I just got back from the MAC store with a bunch of goodies from Fafi =) Overall, the collection is really cute and fun with lots and lots of bright colors. Read on for reviews!

Lipstick ($14)

* Fun ‘n’ Sexy: This “blue pink with blue pearl” is a hot pink color that is definitely for those who are not color shy. If you can pull off bright colors, this can be really sexy.
* Not so Innocent: While this “sheer tan with pink and peach pearl” looks really pretty, it totally washed me out (and I can normally wear nude lips too!) Boo!
* Utterly Frivolous: This is definitely the best color out of them all! It is a “rosy coral with pink pearl” that is pretty pigmented and is very smooth.
* High Top: This “grey purple with blue pearl” totally screams goth to me. I have no idea why it is even featured in this collection!
* Flash-n-Dash: If you like reds, you NEED to check out this “intense tangerine red with pink pearl”! It is a very bright red with glitter and even though I am more of a pink lip person, I am very tempted to get it – yes it is THAT pretty! *lol*
* Strawbaby: This “coral rose with rainbow pearl” is also one of my favorites. It is fairly pigmented and goes on really smooth. It is slightly darker than my natural lip color and it gives me a more sophisticated look.

Lipglass ($14)
These are all so cute and the packaging is totally to die for! My favorites are Cult Face and Sugar Trance.

* Cult Face: Blue mid-tone pink with white pearl
* Sugar Trance: Creamy soft pink with white and rainbow pearl
* Squeeze It: Brassy plum
* Totally It: Sheer bright pink with intense pink pearl

Eyeshadow Quads ($36)

* Eyeshadow Quad #1 – As shown on left of the picture, this looks pretty boring to me. The pigmentation is also not the greatest plus two of the colors – Pink Venus and Vanilla – are existing shades. You are better off spending that money on something else.

Howzat: Deep grey with silver sparkle (S)
Hey: Neutral tan with pearl (VP)
Pink Venus: Washed pink (L)
Vanilla: Soft pale-peachy-ivory flecked with shimmer (V)

Eyeshadow Quad #2 – I thought this was going to be a winner but after I saw it in person, I was very disappointed. All the colors in this quad are new and limited edition but while the quad is pretty to look at, the texture is really chalky, the pigmentation is horrible and the glitter is chunky. One word – blah!

Bold as Gold: Yellow gold with gold pearl (L)
You’re Fresh: Pale green with silver sparkle (L)
Shockwave: Intense orange with silver sparkle (V)
Prankster: Muted dark blue (S)

Paint Pot ($16.50)

* Nice Vice: This shimmery “dirty purple with purple pearl” is really pretty and reminds me of MAC’s Macroviolet Fluidline. It does not have a lot of purple in it but if you have green eyes, it will make them pop.
* Girl Friendly: This “creamy grey pink” is beautiful and reminds me of MAC’s Neutral Pink eyeshadow from the N Collection. It is a muted pink and will work on pretty much anyone.
* Layin’ Low: Described as a “creamy beige”, this color is nothing but an ordinary beige that will work great as a base. It is also pretty similar to MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot.
* Cash Flow: Unlike the first three, this “green gold with gold pearl” has shimmer in it. To me, it looks more like a dirty olive, kind of like a darker version of MAC’s Pure Ore Metal X eyeshadow. Pretty but nothing too unique.
* Perky: Yet another favorite of mine from the collection, this shimmery “cream coral with white pearl” is more than gorgeous! It will work great as a base, on its own or paired with Rollickin’.
* Rollickin’: No words can describe how much I love this “aqua blue green with white pearl”! It is the first color that stood out to me and it is just so so so pretty! The color is also great for spring and will work on anyone. Highly recommended!

Powder Blush ($17.50)

* Hipness: This “intense coral with soft white pearl” is a bright coral with very tiny gold glitter that is oh-so-pretty. Since it is highly pigmented, I would recommend using a light hand when applying this to avoid looking like a clown.

* Fashion Frenzy: This “mid-tone blue pink” is a REALLY bright bubblegum pink (picture a brighter version of MAC Pink Swoon blush). Again, it is very pigmented so apply sparingly.

Iridescent Pressed Powder ($21)
These look pretty and the packaging is really cute too but they definitely are lacking in the quality department. They are so poorly pigmented they barely showed up even on my NC30 skin. The glitter is also a little too much and I cannot imagine anyone wearing this without looking like a disco ball. Pass!<

* Sassed-up: Soft coral pink with gold sparkle
* Verve-acaious: Intense yellow gold with gold pearl
* Belightful: Gilded peach bronze

Nail Lacquer

* Girls Will Be Girls: Pink with coral pearl
* Boom!: Rich eggplant with purple pearl

Below is what I picked up:

Utterly Frivolous Lipstick, Strawbaby Lipstick, Hipness Blush and Cult Face Lipglass


  • Reply Anonymous February 13, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    They look interesting! Which ones did you end up getting?

  • Reply Phyllis February 13, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    I just updated the entry =)

  • Reply Liz February 18, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    I wasn’t particularly tempted by this line. The colours looked blah and the packaging… 🙁

    That said, I do like some of the looks on MAC’s site done with this collection. My two favourites are ‘Sassed up’ and ‘Squeeze It’ too. Any chance you’d be doing a tutorial on either or both of them? 🙂

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