Blog updates

Notice anything different on my blog guys? Yes I finally got a banner and updated the template – yay!!! I need to give a HUGE thank you to my super awesome and talented friend, Ben Shao, for creating this super cool banner! You can check out Ben’s personal website here.

Another huge thanks goes to Man Chun who helped make the drop menu work (that thing totally drove me crazy!) I hope you guys like everything and if you have any suggestions, just holler =)

** I know that some of you are experiencing problems with this template. I looked into it and turns out it is Internet Explorer’s problem. Please bear with me and use Mozilla Firefox for now. I will get this fixed asap – thanks!


  1. cute bannER! I like the new layout! and i’m a longtime fan LOL. i was trying to click on your request section but for some reason it keeps scrolling everytime i try to put my mouse over x_X . i was wondering if you can do some recommendations on glitter eye pencils? you know the ones to line the outer corners of the eyes …especially for those w/contacts? because i lovee that kind of look except WHEN i do try it out..the glitter always tends to get loose and my eyes always feel not soo great !

  2. I like the banner.
    I read this site on my phone. The only difference is the links show up 1st then the main content. So i gotta do extra scrolling to get to it. So ehh on that.
    Otherwise, nice job.

  3. i love the new look!! i just had a question coz when i open the site, the right side of it is all blank and then i scroll down a lot before i get to the entries….wondering if that’s just me or that’s the way it’s supposed to be??
    but yea…awesome job, it’s really really nice! :)

  4. lol i think the spacing for your new layout isn’t quite right … i only see the left menus when the page loads…n i have to scroll down LOTS before i see your entries.. :O

  5. Mmmm everything looks fine on me and my friends’ computers but it does seem like some of you are experiencing problems with this new template. Which browser are you guys using?

  6. I have finally figured out what went wrong and turns out it is IE’s problem. Please use Firefox for now and I will get this fixed asap – sorry guys!

  7. Hi! I discovered your blog a month back, and I’m hooked on to it now. I wrote you an email asking about eyeliners and stuff, but I think either you didn’t get it or you thought it was spam or something :S

    Anyway, I was wondering, since you used to live in HK and you really liked those Japanese brands and all, I’d just like to ask your opinion of Shiseido. Not just the makeup, but about their skincare collections, too. Do you think that they really live up to their reputation?

    Personally, I use their Pureness skincare collection, so I was just curious.