MAC Makeup Looks: Spring/Summer 2008

MAC just released its 2008 Spring/Summer looks. What do you guys think?



Flesh Metal




  1. I am a bit disappointed with MAC for Spring/Summer look. To me, they kind of lack luster. I can’t point out what exactly is missing though…

  2. i wish they’d actually teach you how to do a nude lip properly if you have pigmented lips, instead of just saying ‘Apply a layer of XX lipstick’ …
    Anyone could do that with any cheap drugstore lipstick if they already had pale lips.
    but i think last year’s fall looks were way more exciting than these ones.

  3. How do you do a neutralize lips with a concealer without it cracking or going dry. I hate the liquid concealer. The stick works okay but not too great. Does anybody have any suggestion as to what to use? Would mineral makeup on the lip work?

  4. Mmh… Apart from acrylic, the other looks are something you can get anywhere. Nothing too special about them. To be honest I’m a little disappointed. I’d expected more from MAC

  5. response to someone above on neutralizing pigmented lips. I use stick concealers for eyes, they are less drying and precise in application.

  6. I actually like the trends, most of them are wearable, some need an extra oomph, and some just need a bit of toning down, what i like is that there this something for everyone in each of these trends.

  7. i agree with everyone else, the looks are nothing new or special. but i’m glad coral lips are coming back in season :D.