Victoria’s Secret So Sexy Hair Products Reviews

I went to Victoria’s Secret yesterday to check out their new Santa collection but ended up walking out with a few hair products from their So Sexy line. I got the Supersmooth Straightening Balm, Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner for Fine Hair. All 3 for $21 – what a steal!

Let me start off with the shampoo and conditioner. Both products have been a rave for me so far. After using them once, I can already feel the difference. My hair appears softer, shinier and definitely bouncier. The smell is also fabulous and it lingers on for a long time. Every time I catch a whiff of it, I can’t help but go mmmmmm *lol* The shampoo, however, is pretty drying so you do have to follow up with the conditioner. I also really like the packaging. The tall pink bottle is just so cute and so VS!

As for the Supersmooth Straightening Balm, it is working just as great. I apply a dime-sized amount onto my hair and it looks just like the model’s on the picture on the right – straight yet full of volume. And the best part is, I do not even need a straightening iron and my hair stays that way for the entire day! Seriously how awesome and easy is that? I will definitely check out the rest of their products from this line.


  1. I’ve heard that the so sexy hair products are really good :p Gotta check it out for myself. Anyway, this might sound like a stupid question but I was wondering, when you buy concealor, is it meant to be lighter or darker than your skin?

  2. does the straightening gel smell good too? because if it smells anything like the body wash then im soo getting it lol

  3. Hey Phyllis,
    just ran into your site randomly, it really cool with what you do! love the tips and looks you pull off. I’ll be reading more regularly! keep it up =]

  4. I may be in the wrong section for this hair query… but do you know the name of the brand for the hair tong used in the Victoria’s Secrect show?

  5. I may be in the wrong section for this hair query but… do you know the name of the brand for the hair tongs used in the Victoria’s Secret show?

  6. I just went out and bought the Victoria’s Secret 3 for $21 collection (to mimic yours) and I just have a question about the straightening balm: How do you use it? I mean, what’s your exact step-by-step process?

    Same with Shampoo and conditioner. How long do you leave the shampoo in before you wash it out? How long do you leave the conditioner in?

    I’m confused. Lol.

  7. wow i just went out to buy the straightening balm. i haven’t tried it yet . well i put it in my hair DRY lol. and it SMELLS SO GOOOD! just like the body wash <3 i just read your entry bout it agen and i can't wait to try it tomorrow morning lol. thankssssssssss for the recommendation <3