EOTD: Blue Eye Makeup With MAC Aire de Blu Pigment and Pollen Eyeshadow

What I Used

* Stila Espresso eyeshadow to fill in eyebrows
* MAC Prep + Prime Eye in Light as a base
* MAC Pollen eyeshadow on inner half of the lid
* MAC Aire de Blu pigment on outer half of the lid
* Milani eyeliner in Black along top and bottom lash lines
* Ardell Falsies in #131


  1. I think the masterpiece you’re performing on your eyes is truly amazing; I’ve been following you through for quite a while, and I have to say you look fantastic. I’m into make up as well, and I wish to officially work as a make up artist in my country and each day I add more experience and knowledge to what I know. I think the success of your make up is also due to the fact that you have lovely features to highlight and embellish. Looking forward to your next entries.

  2. You look so gorgeous!!!

    Can the false lashes you used be used for single eyelids? I find that when I use falsies, they aren’t as dramatic, because they don’t show up as much when I open my eyes, and if I choose the wrong one, it looks too heavy for my eyes.

    Which lashes would you recommend for single eyelids? I’m going out for my birthday, so I’m looking for something flirty & dramatic.

  3. Wow.. that looks amazing.

    Can the lashes that you used be used on single eyelids as well? I find that when I use fake lashes, I don’t get the effect that I’m looking for, they tend to look very heavy for my eyes.
    I’m looking for a pair that will look dramatic without making me look like a drag queen. Do you have any recommendations for single eyelids?

  4. One of the things I like about your blog is that your makeup is at a minimum. I would look at other people’s blog and they have gazillion products to do their eye makeup, and it would drive me crazy. I like simplicity and knowing that yours is I know I can copy what you have shown. :)

  5. of course you can use falsies on single eyelids. you just have to pick the right pair and make sure you trim it so it fits the shape of your eye.

    do you have access to ardell? e-mail me at makeup_forlife@yahoo.com and i’ll send you some recs.