Eyeshadow Tips: Prepping Your Eyelid For Eyeshadow

For Kellie:-

Using a base prior to eyeshadow application is very crucial if you want your eyeshadow to stay on longer and show up more vibrant. Below are a few methods you can prep your eyelid for eyeshadow.

* Concealer + Power
This is definitely the easiest and cheapest method. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of concealer over your eyelid and set with some loose powder. It will help soak up some of your natural oils and prevent your eyeshadow from creasing.

* Cream Eyeshadow
These only work with powder eyeshadows. Applying a cream eyeshadow as a base will allow your powder eyeshadow to have something to grab onto so it does not fade as easily. Remember to apply the cream eyeshadow sparingly though. If you apply too much, you may end up in crease city. I also do not recommend this for those with oily skin because your makeup might just slide right off.

Product Rec: MAC Cream Color Base ($16.50)

* Vaseline
I have seen people from other blogs and sites use Vaseline as a base but I personally do not recommend it. Like cream eyeshadows, the petroleum in Vaseline can make your eyeshadow slide right off if you have oily skin or you apply too much. This is best left for pros or if you want to do a dewy look.

* Primers
These usually come in a cream/liquid formula that dries off to powder. Most of them will work with powder, cream or gloss eyeshadows and some of them even come in colors that match your skin tone to help even out discoloration on the eyelid. Since they are specially formulated to help prevent creasing and fading, I would recommend using primers over all the above for both beginners and pros.

Product Recs: MAC Prep and Prime Eye ($16), Urban Decay Primer Potion ($15) and Lumene Eyeshadow Makeup Base ($10)

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  1. With an eyeshadow primer such as Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, do my eyelids require a thin coating or a thick coat?

    Great info btw!!

  2. way to go!!! came across ur blog thru google search, and i lov ur blog! lot’s of useful info! will try MAC primer since i have tried something similar and it didnt work for me…(forgot which brand it is), and my eyeshadow alwayz turned into ‘fine lines’ -_-“

  3. Hey Phyllis,
    I wanted to thank you for this article… I used to get such oily eyelids and eyeshadow just wouldn’t stick on them… now i just bought the f.y.eye from benefit… and it works good… too bad there’s no urban decay here in Montreal… would have wanted to try 😛

  4. Thanks so much for posting this up! >__< ermm I was wondering could you use a thin layer of liquid foundation instead of concealer to prep your eyelid for eyeshadow?

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the information. I have just gone crazy for your blog…. so nice and useful tips.

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