MAC Rushmetal Collection Pigment Reviews and Photos

August 1, 2007

While in Paris, I had the chance to check out MAC’s Rushmetal collection and ended up getting Mauvement, Quick Frost, Revved Up, Cocomotion and Gold Mode.

Rushmetal: Described as a “rich copper sparkle”, this does look very similar to MAC Copper Sparkle pigment. It is pretty but a little too over the top and the texture is slightly chunky.

Revved-up: This is an “icy rose with reflects” that is too pretty to pass on! It is slightly darker than MAC Apricot Pink pigment and has less gold than MAC Rose pigment. It looks hot as an eyeshadow, a blush or even on the lips. Definitely one of the must-haves from this collection!

Gold Mode: This is truly a “tan gold” and is absolutely gorgeous! It looks a little like MAC DazzleRay pigment and would brighten up any eye color instantly.

Mauvement: This “cool taupe with gold pearl” is similar to MAC Subtle pigment but has more mauve and a bit of gold shimmer in it. Gorgeous gorgeous color and definitely different from MAC’s other existing pigments.

Off The Radar: Described as a “warm orange with gold sparkle”, this is slightly too warm and orangy for my taste. It is pretty to look at but I much prefer my MAC’s Firespot eyeshadow.

Copperized: Initially, I thought this pretty “olive green with gold pearl” looks identical to MAC Night Light pigment but once I swiped it on the back of my hand, I can see the difference – Copperized has more brown in it. Nice color but it may look dirty on certain people.

Quick Frost: This pretty “creamy white with soft green pearl” is a less glittery version of MAC’s White Gold pigment and is great as a wash or a highlighter.

Cocomotion: This is a “dirty gold with olive undertone and gold sparkle” which reminded me of MAC’s Old Gold pigment minus the green undertone. Loves it!

More pictures!

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