Looks from Voce

Here are a couple of clips showing different looks done by makeup artists from Voce, one of my favorite Japanese beauty magazine.

Minimum Classic

Vintage Couture

Gothic Lolita

Remixed Vintage


  1. Hey Phyllis,
    I recently bought a liquid eyeliner that I thought was black but was actually a bluish-black. Is that a colour that is ok for asians? And what colour of eyeshadow would you suggest to go along with it? Thanks!

  2. Hi,
    I have a shimmery gold loose pigment (equivalent to MAC pigment) that I do not know how to use. I’m afraid to wear it without looking silly, so I was wondering if you can do a tutorial on bronze/gold eyeshadow makeup please? What other colors would be compatible with it?

  3. hey I think all colors look great with dark brown eyes. You can try pairing the bluish-black liner with colors with a cool undertone.

  4. Yes I updated my profile picture and I did the makeup myself. I don’t really like the way I looked in it though and a lot of people told me I didn’t look Asian.

  5. Shellie, gold eyeshadow is so hot this season! You can try pairing it with purple (my all time favorite combo) or silver as seen in Chanel.

  6. The last look is amazing!! I would never have thought to use yellow eyeshadow under my eye, or blue mascara like that, but it gave a lovely effect. Thanks for sharing~