Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Makeover Afterthoughts and Product Reviews

February 22, 2007

Here are my thoughts of the products used during my makeover at Giorgio Armani Cosmetics.

Compared to the Luminous Silk Foundation, the new Designer Shaping Cream Foundation ($65) feels so much richer. It glides right onto my skin and provides a heavier coverage and a teeny bit goes a *long* way. While I have yet to see it add any kind of contour/shaping to my face, it does impart a nice, luminous glow. This also tends to run a little lighter than the LSF. I’m a #4 in LSF but use #5 for this and with self-tanner on, I am a #6. All in all, I love the texture, coverage and of course, the SPF 20. My only rant would be the hefty price tag – it retails £45 in London which is roughly $90 – and the jar packaging. I’ll admit that the jar is pretty and you do get a lot of product but in terms of hygiene and practicality, a pump dispenser would be much better.

As for the High Precision Retouch ($35), it is a liquid concealer that comes in a slim black tube with a thin, eyeliner-like applicator. Similar to Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat, it contains light reflective pearls to “blur away imperfections, treat dark circles and highlight the complexion”. The shade selection is surprisingly limited with only 3 available, which all tend to run light. I use #3.5 Light Sand, which is already the darkest shade and a perfect match for my NC30 skin. Thanks to the Vitamin E and moisturizers, the concealer feels super creamy, non-drying and does not settle into fine lines. When applied onto my undereye area, down my nose and on the center of my chin and forehead, it does a great job brightening my eye area and adding radiance to my skin. Coverage-wise, this is a lot better than the Touche Eclat. However, if you have serious undereye circles like I do, it will still not suffice to camouflage them completely. I highly recommend using this on top of your foundation or concealer as a highlighter instead of a concealer.

The Eyeshadows ($24) come in mostly neutral, earthy colors so my initial thought was wow, what a limited color range. Despite the conservativeness, these colors are actually pretty fool-proof and would work on anyone. Unlike MAC eyeshadows, they do not come in different formulas. They all have a silky satin finish with a luminous sheen and are decently pigmented. Texture-wise, they are absolutely lovely and great to work with. Definitely great stuff if you like neutral makeup.

The ma used Smooth Silk Eye Pencils ($24) in #4 and #5 on me and I really like the texture of these. They are so soft and does not tug at all. The sponge that comes with it is also great for blending the line for a smoky look. The only downside is that they do smudge. I drew a line on my hand, rubbed it gently and it smeared and rubbed off right away. Not good if you are looking for something that would last.

The Star Lash ($26) does curl, lengthen and thicken my lashes but it did not wow me and I do not find it any different from the drugstore brands that I have tried. Plus unlike my Bourjois Yes to Volume mascara, this actually smudged onto my lower eye. There is *no* way I am paying $26 for this!

The Smooth Lip Pencil ($25) has got to be the best lip liner I have ever tried (and it better be at this price!) Before this, I have always hated the idea of lip liners. I never seem to get the shape right plus most pencils I have tried are wayyyy too hard to blend. This, however, is super soft and makes drawing the line so painless! I will definitely be picking up more of these!

The Lip Shimmers ($26) come in some pretty colors and the ma used #22, a peachy nude which is similar to my Baby Pink gloss, on me. I actually like the texture of this better than MAC Lipglass. They also tend to stay on better without leaving a white ring around my lips. Good stuff!

When I asked for a nude lip color, the ma suggested one of her favorites – Lipstick Mania ($25) in #32, a gorgeous nude that will look good on pretty much any skintone. The packaging is also uber sleek and the lipstick itself is pretty darn awesome too. The texture is silky smooth and it is so moisturizing that I barely need any lip balm underneath. No wonder GA is famous for their lipsticks.


  • Reply Anonymous February 24, 2007 at 11:39 am

    My eyebrows are pretty dark Anything that I can do? Haha, maybe that’s why. I bought the fasio eyebrow mascara. Thanks. I like it why ur eyebrows light and it matches ur hair color, that’s why. Heehe!! Thanks!!!

  • Reply Phyllis February 25, 2007 at 4:22 am

    You can always try bleaching them but please go get it done by a professional. If not, a tinted eyebrow gel is your best bet (try another brand if the Fasio one is not working out for you)

  • Reply Gail September 21, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    No doubt I’m not a magician but I do have a magic wand – it’s my High Precision Retouch by Giorgio Armani. Breathes there a woman with skin so perfect that she doesn’t need a little concealer now and then or every time she sets foot outside her door?
    Many concealers have been tried by me and found wanting save for this little gem in a 3 ½” inch tube. The applicator brush is slim, very much like an eyeliner brush making possible the most delicate of touch-ups. There’s no way that my finger could cover a blemish as perfectly as this brush. Perfetto, Armani!

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