D’feel Mascara For Long Lasting Curl!

Saw this in a magazine recently and thought it was one of the coolest Asian beauty gadgets ever invented! It is basically an eyelash curler combined with a finishing spray to help your lashes stay curled and smudge-free for over 12 hours.

To use, you first apply mascara like you do normally. Then, you place the curler onto the base of your lashes. Press down and pull the little handle on the curler. A setting product will be sprayed onto your lashes and voila! Eyelashes that stay curled all day!

This cute little gem is currently available only in Asia – mainly Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan – and retails approximately $39. The spray refill is sold separately for a little less than $20. Expensive? Definitely but if it does what it claims, I am *so* getting one!


  1. Thats awesome! I’m always trying to get my lashes to stay curled. The only way I’ve made them last is by using Loreals voluminous mascara. For some reason that mascara holds a curl. Did you get any of MAC’s new stuff? Some of the new Danse collection look a lot like existing colors, especially one of the lipglasses that looks alot like my budding lustreglass…

  2. the gadget is sold at JC Shop in HK @ HKD338 and spray @HKD168. currently out of stock and reservation is required.

  3. You should never curl your eyelashes right after you apply mascara. Do it AFTER the mascara has dried up or you will end up clumping or even breaking your lashes.