Vidal Sassoon’s VS047UK Micro Crystal Curl 25mm Tong Review

Picked this up at Boots over the weekend because my beloved Curlmaster broke – I forgot to plug it into the converter and poof the fuse was blown =*(

At first I was a little skeptical about this but the sales lady kept talking me into getting it and I am so glad that I did. It only took seconds for it to heat up and it has a total of nine settings ranging from 120C to 200C. The medium sized barrel (25mm) is also perfect for creating curls or waves and the micro crystal feature did make my curls smoother and last longer lasting than ceramic curlers.

Unlike my old Curlmaster, this one has a LCD display which makes it so much easier to read the different settings. Plus this has an auto 60 minutes shut-off function so I no longer have to worry about burning down the apartment because I left the curling iron on. Yay for this!

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  1. wow what a nice curling iron…anyways..i just have a question regarding foundation brush…i don’t really use it everyday,only when i go out like every other day…do i need to wash the brush after every use or just clean it with tissue and just wash it once a week..?.tnx!^^